AIA Pay Applications

How AIA Pay Applications in Construction Work

How AIA Pay Applications in Construction Work

What are AIA Pay Applications?

An AIA contract, which stands for American Institute of Architects contract, is designed to protect the interest of architects when hired to work on a construction project. An AIA is a document that contains completed contract billing throughout the project; this document was created mainly to assist architects working on a construction project to be paid for the work completed on the project.

Different AIA forms

An AIA billing system averagely consists of two forms; G-702 and G-703. The G-702 is the contractor’s application for payment, and the G-703 is a continuation for the 702. On a G-702, a contractor must provide information according to the status of the total dollar amount of work completed during the construction project, the sum of any previous payments, descriptions of any change orders, the amount of any retainage, and the sum of the requested payment. By not providing detailed supporting documents, a construction pay application may be rejected.

In continuation of a G-702 form, a G-703 billing form debriefs the document in the style of a schedule of values. Once the contractor correctly completes the documentation for the G-702 form, the architect will then review the G-702 and sign off on a G-703 if they agree and find the documentation provided to be accurate. When the contractor and architect both sign off on the form, the project owner can then pay the amount that was signed off on the G-703 to the contractor.

AIA payment forms can be used for any construction project no matter the caliber. When filling out a G-702 invoice, be sure to check your information so that no mistakes fall back on your shoulders or drags out the payment process longer than necessary.

Many construction companies and experienced project owners suggest a close review of an AIA billing contract, even hiring a lawyer to review each projects AIA contract to make sure that all parties involved in the project are receiving equal advantages. Because AIA forms are produced by the American Institute of Architects, they are designed to protect the interest of architects first and foremost.

Do you need AIA Pay Applications?

One fact many people don’t know is that you do not necessarily have to use an AIA form, you could simply use a billing form similar to an AIA form without worrying about the “standard” documentation that could be pages full of information you are not completely confident or familiar with. This also eliminates the problem of signing off on a contract that potentially could be giving most benefits to the architects and less to all other participating parties.

Using AIA documentation for bill processing can also be quite costly. If you must use AIA forms for a project, downloading them on the AIA official website can be very overpriced. If you wanted a digital version of the AIA, they have the ability to charge you for every use of the AIA billing forms. By using documents that are AIA similar, you avoid having to purchase a new AIA document every single time you start a new project; which in fact, they require that you cannot reuse an AIA document more than once- expensive!

However, if you are required to follow through with using AIA documentation for billing processes on your projects, there are many supporting websites and companies that allow you to enter the AIA information into your computer and print it professionally onto your AIA hard copy.


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