Any Temp Heating & Cooling

Any Temp selected eSUB construction software for its ability to connect the field and the office.

Any Temp Heating and Cooling provides HVAC installation, service and repair for commercial buildings within the greater Chicago metropolitan area. In business for over 35 years, the union-based company attributes its success to delivering exceptional service and competitive bids to its customers and general contractors.

Improving productivity in the field

Any Temp selected eSUB construction software for its ability to connect the field and the office. Use of the eSUB Field Works mobile app by the foreman was critical to Any Temp’s adoption and success of eSUB. The cloud-based solution combined with the mobile app provides real-time visibility into activity on the jobsite.

“Our foremen have either tablets or smartphones in the field,” continues DeMeo. “Naturally, they were hesitant. eSUB is so easy to use, they all quickly caught on to how it will help them and make their job easier. They can easily see what needs to be done, document issues with Field Notes, and complete daily reports in eSUB directly from their mobile device. They no longer need to fax or email daily reports or take pictures of time cards. eSUB has become second nature to them, and they truly love it.”

“Our employees drive all over the Chicago-metro area for the jobs, and they always have to come into the shop for various reasons Like picking up or dropping off paperwork. Because of that and Looking closely at our manual processes, we realized that project management software Like eSUB would help us improve communication and manage our time and projects better.”

Kim DeMeo, Project Coordinator of Any Temp Heating and Cooling

Central repository of project information

With eSUB, project communication and service levels have improved for Any Temp across all levels-between the office and the field, general contractors, and vendors. As a central repository for project information, eSUB allows users to create, log, update, and store project documentation such as Daily Reports, RFls, Change Orders, Submittals/Transmittals, Purchase Orders, AIA Pay Applications, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists, and Email correspondence.

DeMeo continues, “Everything in eSUB is organized and easy to track. eSUB is where our foremen capture information in the field (from daily reports to parking fees), and I can grab it all to process payments and paperwork quickly. When our General Contractors have questions about project activity or documentation, we can quickly look in eSUB and provide them a copy of the documentation along with any pertinent status updates. All of our eSUB documentation and communications are time stamped which is critical for us when communicating with General Contractors. Our suppliers and vendors love the Purchase Orders we create from eSUB. We utilize QuickBooks for our Accounting, but the eSUB POs are very professional looking, clear and concise.”

eSUB Documents Work and Gets You Paid

An office that once was paper-based has experienced tremendous productivity gains and improvements using eSUB construction software. Information can be entered from the office or the field, and everyone is in lock step and knows what is done and what needs to be done. “Our process before was paper-based and time consuming,” DeMeo elaborates. “The time savings we have experienced with eSUB is incredible. Making orders and processing deliveries in the field are much easier.”

In addition to time savings and efficiency, Any Team is using eSUB to help them improve project profitability. Kim continues, “The AIA forms and job costing has been helpful to see where we are in terms of the job and budget. eSUB Daily Reports makes tracking lost hours very easy for our foremen. We have used the lost hours report when requesting payment to our General Contractors. With the lost hours report combined with time stamped daily reports and pictures – eSUB helps us get paid.”

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