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Create purchase orders and track material costs by labor activity with eSUB Cloud purchase order software built specifically for subcontractors.

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Inefficient Purchase Order Management Hinders Subcontractors

As a subcontractor, dealing with inefficient purchase order management can be a significant challenge. Disorganized processes lead to increased expenses, delays, and difficulties in tracking material costs and labor activities. Ultimately, poor purchase order management affects your construction project’s success.

eSUB Cloud’s Construction Purchase Order Software

With eSUB Cloud, you can create purchase orders and track material costs by labor activity. This allows you to provide detailed progress on different phases of the project. Compare estimated costs to actuals produced in POs for material cost and productivity tracking. You can also update dates of entry and delivery, shipping information, and line items, like cost codes, part numbers, and more.


Streamline Approvals and Enhance Project Efficiency with eSUB

eSUB Cloud purchase order software allows for approval on POs via email, on any device, anywhere. Pivotal approvals come quicker, ensuring your construction project doesn’t get tied up. Experience increased efficiency, better cost management, and a more streamlined procurement process with eSUB Cloud.

Purchase Agreement Approvals come Quicker with eSUB

eSUB Cloud purchase order software allows for approval on PO’s via email, on any device, anywhere. Pivotal approvals come quicker, so your construction project will not get tied up.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Purchase Orders and Construction Purchase Order Software

What is a purchase order in construction?

Purchase orders are a legally binding document that outlines the agreed upon terms of the purchase. They are issued by a buyer (typically a trade contractor) to a supplier or vendor. A PO specifies the goods or services that are to be purchased for a construction project.

Why are purchase orders important in construction projects?

Purchase orders are important in construction projects for several reasons including legal protection, documentation, budget control, order tracking and supplier management. Outlining the terms reduces unnecessary uncertainties around unexpected costs and when materials will be delivered.

What are the risks of not having a good purchase order process in commercial construction projects?

The risks of not having a good purchase order process in commercial construction projects include:

  • Poor communication between subcontractors and suppliers, leading to delays and incorrect deliveries.
  • Difficulty tracking project expenses, which can result in budget overruns.
  • Insufficient inventory management, causing project delays and increased costs.
  • Lack of legal protection in case of disputes between subcontractors and suppliers.
What information should be included in a construction purchase order?

This can vary from company to company; however, a construction purchase order should include the following information: 

  • Buyer and supplier details 
  • Purchase order number
  • Description of goods or services 
  • Quantities, specifications, and any other relevant details 
  • Price and payment terms 
  • Shipping and delivery information to include deliver date 
  • Terms and conditions 
  • Signature and date 
Can purchase orders be modified or canceled in construction projects?

Yes, purchase orders can be modified or canceled in construction projects. This usually requires mutual agreement between the buyer and the supplier. Changes to a purchase order may be requested due to changes in project requirements, scope, or specifications.

What are the best practices for managing construction purchase orders?

Some best practices for managing construction purchase orders include: 

  • Clearly define requirements 
  • Use a consistent, standard template 
  • Maintain proper documentation 
  • Follow established procedures 
  • Communicate changes promptly 
  • Monitor deliveries and payments 
  • Foster good supplier relationships 
How can subcontractors improve their purchase order process?

Subcontractors can improve their purchase order process by:

  • Implementing a reliable purchase order software, such as eSUB Cloud, to streamline the creation, tracking, and approval of purchase orders.
  • Establishing clear communication channels with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating their purchase order process to identify and address issues.
  • Training employees on the importance of purchase orders and best practices for managing them effectively.
What is construction purchase order software?

Construction purchase order software is a specialized tool designed to help construction professionals, particularly subcontractors, streamline their procurement processes. It automates the creation, tracking, and approval of purchase orders for materials, equipment, and services required for construction projects. The software helps ensure accurate documentation, better communication, and improved financial planning throughout the project lifecycle.

How can construction purchase order software help subcontractors?

Construction purchase order software can help subcontractors in several ways:

  • Simplify the creation and management of purchase orders, reducing manual errors and saving time.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration with suppliers, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.
  • Provide real-time tracking of purchase orders, enabling better cost management and inventory control.
  • Streamline approval workflows, expediting the procurement process and preventing project delays.
What should subcontractors consider when selecting construction purchase order software?

When selecting construction purchase order software, subcontractors should consider:

  • Ease of use and user-friendly interface, to ensure quick adoption and minimal training requirements.
  • Robust reporting and analytics features, to help make data-driven decisions and improve project outcomes.
  • Reliable customer support and ongoing software updates to maintain optimal performance.
How does construction purchase order software differ from general-purpose procurement software?

Construction purchase order software is specifically tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the construction industry. It takes into account the complexities of construction projects, such as multiple suppliers, fluctuating material costs, and changing project timelines. General-purpose procurement software, on the other hand, may lack the specialized features and integrations required for effective construction project management.

How can a software solution like eSUB Cloud help subcontractors manage purchase orders more effectively?

eSUB Cloud helps subcontractors manage purchase orders more effectively by offering features such as:

  • Easy creation of purchase orders with pre-populated templates and automatic calculations.
  • Real-time tracking of purchase orders, allowing for better cost and inventory management.
  • Streamlined approval workflows that expedite the procurement process.
  • Seamless integration with other project management and financial software solutions.

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