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Keep track of all your core construction project documents in one place. eSUB Cloud simplifies construction document management and makes it easy to create and share RFIs, Change Orders, Submittals, and more.

Construction Document Management Software

Streamline Construction Project Document Management

eSUB Cloud construction document management software provides an easy-to-use solution for trade contractors to organize, track, and manage their construction project documents in one centralized location. With secure cloud storage, you can easily share documents with everyone on your team, reducing miscommunication and costly mistakes.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

eSUB Cloud saves field teams time and effort with a user-friendly experience designed to capture and share construction project information quickly and easily right from any mobile device!


Get Paid for the Work you do

When it comes to construction projects, change orders can be a headache. But with eSUB Cloud you can create, and process change orders quickly and easily—so you get paid for the work you do.

Unlimited Projects, Zero Data Restrictions

Keep a record of everything you do, and access it whenever you need. Create, log, email, track, and store all project documentation in one secure, web-based location without any data limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Document Management Software and Why it Matters

Document control is the process of managing documents related to a construction project. It helps organize important documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation to archiving.

Document management software helps construction trade professionals improve efficiency. Create, store, track, and share project documents more easily. Good document management software provides stakeholders with access to the information they need, when they need it.

Why is document management important?

Document management is essential for trade contractors for many reasons, including:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Managing risk
  • Improving project efficiency
  • Facilitating communication among project stakeholders
What is document management software?

Document management software is a digital platform that lets users manage documents electronically. It simplifies how trade contractions create, store, share project information.

What construction documents are managed by construction documentation software?

Construction document management software lets you manage project plans, change orders, requests for information (RFIs), submittals, drawings, and correspondences. All of these documents are critical in the success of a construction project and must be managed effectively.

What are the benefits of using document management software on construction projects?

Document management software offers several benefits to construction trade contractors:

  • Improved collaboration among project stakeholders
  • More efficient document access and sharing
  • Reduced risk of document loss
  • Increased document security
  • Cost savings due to reduced paper usage and storage needs
  • Improved compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
What features should I look for in construction document management software?

When selecting document management software for your trade business, look for features that meet the needs of your team, and how you work.

eSUB Cloud is tailored to trade contractors and designed for how they work. Other document management software for construction is designed more for General Contractors.   Some important features to consider include:

  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Version control and revision tracking
  • Automated document workflows
  • Search and retrieval capabilities
  • Mobile access
How do I choose the right document management software for my trade business?

When choosing construction document management software ease of use is critical. You don’t want software that is overly complicated or hard to use, especially when time and prodictivity are at stake. Consider how intuitive the solution is, particularly for field crews who will be using it to capture project information. Pay close attention to how your users will be trained to use the software.

Important factors include:

  • How will you be trained?
  • Are online courses and e-Learning portals available?
  • Will you have access to dedicated customer support representatives?
How can document management software help improve collaboration among project stakeholders?

Document management software provides a single location for team members to access and share project files. This improves collaboration by allowing everyone to access the latest version of documents. They can provide feedback and comments and receive real-time notifications of document changes.

Can document management software integrated with other construction management software?

Yes, document management software can often be integrated with other software.

Accounting software integrations, for example, help reduce data entry and improve data accuracy, thus minimizing errors.

When searching for software to manage project documents, prioritize one that offers more than document control.

For example: eSUB Cloud provides field collaboration tools and other project management and scheduling features in addition to document management abilities.

How can document management software help improve project efficiency and reduce costs?

Document management software helps improve efficiency by streamlining workflows and improving collaboration. This can help reduce project delays, errors, and rework, resulting in cost savings.

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