Designed for Subcontractors

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With eSUB's daily report module you can create detailed daily logs tracking weather, crew mix, labor performed, delay and disruption hours, accident reports, equipment, visitors and comments. Track internal issues as well as submit standard forms to the GC. Dailies track actual labor progress against estimates for up to date labor productivity.

Construction Daily Report Software

Creating Daily Reports in the Field has never been easier. Field Foreman can report actionable project information right on their mobile device to avoid missing opportunities to get paid.


eSUB Simplifies Construction Project Management with Daily Reports

In the past, one of the greatest challenges has been to compel our field crew to issue Daily Reports. It’s the classic Catch-22 scenario. We’re too busy in the field DOING the work that we don’t have time to DOCUMENT it. But, if we don’t document what happens on a daily basis, we take the chance of not getting paid for extra work in the field. Creating Daily Reports was a big headache because field personnel had to use multiple programs to collect and track information, or they just wrote everything on paper with no consistency for tracking progress in the field.

Designed For Subcontractors

eSUB knows that Daily Reports are one of the most critical aspects of any subcontractor’s business. Our new streamlined Daily Report module allows field personnel to enter multiple crews, update progress, and attach photos and track issues from any device.  You can also configure the Daily Reports to automatically create time cards for the entire crew if necessary.

One Page Management

With our Daily Reports module, you can enter all of the information that you’re tracking on a single page including information for weather, comments, crews, equipment and more. You can even track individual employees as well as other important criteria like their labor class, hours that they work each week and so much more.

Report Flexibility

eSUB’s Daily Report module also gives you added flexibility so you can add extra lines to track specific crews and other data that’s vital to your business. Then you can quickly populate Time Cards directly from Daily Reports and move onto getting your employees paid without having to manually enter in time from the field.





Best Construction Project Management Software.

Best Construction Project Management Software

"eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."


6 Simple Steps To Creating a Daily Report in eSUB

Let’s walk through creating a daily report in eSUB's Field Works mobile application. Once you've logged in, select your project and on the next page scroll down and choose the daily report option. Next, click on the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 1: Save Time & Copy Existing Reports

From the next page, you can choose to select to copy from an existing daily report; you can change the date then add/edit existing project and workforce info once you've created your new report.


Step 2: Talk to Text

You can add in any comments that might be needed use the talk to text feature to type in without using your keyboard. It's amazing!


Step 3: Add Crew Information

You can then add in your crew information by clicking on the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner to enter and crew info.


Step 4: Enter Labor Activity & Hours

Enter your labor activity and then the employees that were on the crew with you. Include how many hours were entered so you can also track time and a half or double time - you can choose to track units if so desired then you can also track hours lost if work was unable to be accomplished. How cool is it that you can track this through your daily report. Adding in hours lost is going to require you to add a comment.


Now, that you've created a crew you can also add in subcontractor information with how many workers were there and any notes that might be needed.


Step 5: Track Equipment

You can choose to track equipment that was on-site (e.g., the mini excavator was there for a few hours), so you can add in any notes that might be needed. You can also choose to track the material type then your quantity.


Step 6: Attach Field Notes

You can also opt to attach field notes so you can select from existing notes or opt to create a new one once you've chosen to create a new field note. You can add in your image with annotated notes as needed. You can also add in text by using "talk to text" to avoid using the keyboard. Cool!

Voila! Your Daily Report was created at the jobsite in minutes!


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"It is easy to use and navigate and is good for any start-up/ small company."

4/5 Stars

"I really enjoy the submittal logs and how submittals are set up & sent. I also like the option/ space to upload needed documents to the specific project and then you can upload general documents to the company space. Also really like the letters, i.e. requests for CAD drawings. Those are really nice and come in handy." The one con we have is the Pay App function, that doesn't seem to give as much detail as our customers would like. So we didn't really use any of the accounting functions.


eSub delivers a quality product that is easy to use and meets all of our needs.

5/5 Stars

eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow. It is easy to use and it has been easily adopted by all of our users, both in the office and in the field. I find that it covers all of the processes of a subcontracting workflow simply, but it is not simplistic. It is a sophisticated piece of software that has increased our internal efficiency and our external "appearance" to our clients.
The only small complaint I've had so far with this software is the inability to share some common project submittal information between old and new projects, but this would be a great extra, not a deal killer at all. We have been very happy with eSub's continued enhancements and their technical support staff is very helpful and very easy to get a hold of. I'd rate their support team among the best that I've encountered over the years.
If you are a subcontracting firm looking for project management/project tracking software, eSub provides a great solution and is a great value for the price. I'd highly recommend it.


Great Tool - Still Room for Improvement

4/5 Stars

Pay Application Module needs some work. Perhaps an integration of AIA documentation (workable spreadsheet).


E-Sub its easy, reliable and helpful for everyone in our company.

5/5 Stars

We are a drywall and painting subcontractor and E-Sub have help us so much. No document gets lost anymore! Thank you e-sub

Great program. Very intuitive.

5/5 Stars

Pros - ease of use, fast and efficient
Cons - sometimes difficult for the receiver of the e-mail to open attachments


Great Customer Service!!!!

5/5 Stars

Great Software
Very Intuitive
Purchase Orders
Contact library
Material Database
Pre made Templates
It is a little hard to get things changed if they don't work the way you want.
There are allot of things that you do not have the delete function for, like when you make a mistake. (you have to void it instead)


Happy esub customer

5/5 Stars

Since getting esub nearly two years ago, we have grown quite a bit. It helped us to get better organized and to be better informed from the job site to the office.


Very easy to use , Provides all information required in one location

5/5 Stars

The learning curve is short, works as expected, Daily reports, Scheduling of resources, are just a few to mention. it allowed us to get rid of Binders and everyone who has permission can get the information required.
Customer service is quick to help with any questions including best practice tips.
Cons - Price

Great Product Overall

4/5 Stars

Easy to update and review daily reports. The app is a nice update to the product. I really enjoy the fact of having the contact easily accessible without having to save all to my phone contact list.


eSUB consolidate Tasks Effectively

4/5 Stars

The biggest pro to the eSUB software is their interlinked system between daily reports, time cards, and project labor tracking. It is simple enough for the new computer/iPad users in the industry to pick up quickly and realize the wealth of information that can be used from the program.


It has been difficult to navigate.

3/5 Stars

It tracks the labor from daily reports well. The change order portion is nice also.