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Fast and efficient pay application software for subcontractors.

Pay Application Software

Generate pay applications on GC approved forms. Create and update Schedule of Values including total application amounts, and retention percentages for automatic budget updates.

What is a Payment Application?

A payment application (also referred to as a pay app) is a collection of construction documents subcontractors submit to a general contractor or owner in order to request payment. Terms of payment are usually outlined in the construction contract agreement, detailing the documents needed, request process, and key dates for payment process requests. Pay application forms give the GC a clear picture of the percentage of each item of work completed on a construction job as well as the amount of progress payment owed, minus any retainage.

Modify Pay Applications

Attach any type of electronic document directly to your RFIs, such as a change order or contract sum. Be confident that the supporting data is there to back your reports in the case of any payment disputes.

No More Lost Documents

Track and edit previous pay applications to quickly generate the correct document. Give general contractors a familiar document they can easily respond to in order to ensure payment schedule is on track.

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