Trade contractors unite: CONQUERING APP-AGEDDON!

This eBook will help trade contractors conquer app-ageddon and navigate through the crowded marketplace.
Learn about the scary project management mistakes that haunt projects.
The most common hazards on the construction job site and how to mitigate them.
The accurate assessment and mitigation of risk is a significant challenge faced by construction project managers with each new project.

The Guide to Navigating Construction Technology for Subcontractors.

5 secrets to managing projects productively and profitably.
12 tips to connecting the project life cycle and increasing profits.

Hundreds of trade contractors trust eSUB to protect and scale their businesses.

Platteville, CO
“eSUB replaces manual processes with digital delivery workflow (preview, submitted, approved, etc.) to keep projects on schedule and efficiently increases employee productivity by 10-25%, per week.”
Charlotte, NC
“With everything recorded in a centralized place, it is easily accessible, and the information is there if we need to reference back to it. ”
Hauppauge, NY
“eSUB was the best project management program and mobile app that met our needs.”
Addison, IL
“Looking closely at our manual processes, we realized that project management software like eSUB would help us improve communication and manage our time and projects better.”
Charlotte, NC

“Over time we will be able to use our historical data to help us bid better, know our strengths, and know what we need to improve. It also gives us a competitive advantage over any other subcontractor still using paper; being able to have live, up-to-the-minute data in the palm of your hand is essential.”

Brooklyn, NY
“Field Foreman and Project Managers leverage eSUB’s all-in-one platform for daily project delivery activities and efficiently provide reports to the back office. eSUB helps remove the guesswork in business and project delivery for our clients.”

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