eSUB lets you generate submittals, transmittals and release transmittals and update current status, return dates and revisions. Attach any items to create complete packages of information.


  • Stay up-to-date on the status of submittals and know who is responsible
  • Attach electronic documents to back your submittals
  • Track down submittals faster

    Best Construction Project Management Software.

    Best Construction Project Management Software

    "eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."


    construction submittal log software


    Search and filter your database to quickly locate larger submittals and act upon them faster. View submittals by owner, status, type, etc. to determine your own workflow.


    Great Tool - Still Room for Improvement

    4/5 Stars

    Pay Application Module needs some work. Perhaps an integration of AIA documentation (workable spreadsheet).


    Overall Esub has been good a few glitches

    4/5 Stars

    Submittals are simple.


    Project Management Solutions

    4/5 Stars

    I really enjoy the document control and flexibility that it offers.


    Medium Sized Subcontractor using esub

    5/5 Stars

    The simplicity of Esub is one of the best aspects, the repetitive nature of the system allows anyone to pick it up easily. The tracking and logging of submittals, RFIs, change orders is great. In using other project management systems, they tend to over complicate the interface where as Esub is straight forward and easy to use. Within the system the ability to attach files and use the emailing "@esubdocs" allows all aspects of the project to be documented within the system so that everything you need is all one place. Recently we have started to build our database for cha nge orders and manpower which has allowed us to use the system for logging and tracking of outstanding, approved and voided CORs which allows us to keep track of everything, which is especially helpful on larger projects where we have up to 50 CORs.