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Say no to time and labor-intensive construction submittals. eSUB Cloud lets you create and manage submittal items with ease.

construction submittal software

Construction Submittals Software that Eliminates Unnecessary Risks and Delays

Submittals in construction are one of the most important aspects of preparation for a project. They require detailed tracking to ensure materials are ordered and delivered within a project’s schedule. eSUB Cloud’s construction submittal software allows clear visibility across the team to track and manage submittals.

Easy Submittal Tracking

eSUB Cloud lets you manage and track your construction submittal packages individually. They can also have their own attachments, due dates, and status updates. Project team members can easily track submittal documents from the office or in the field. eSUB makes it easy with one centralized location to manage submittals.

construction submittal software

Timely Approvals with eSUB Cloud Construction Submittals Software

Improve and manage communication between internal project teams and external teams including general contractors and suppliers. Stay on top of upcoming deadlines and address unanswered submittals. The construction submittal log provides all the information project managers need.

Upgrade your construction submittal process today with eSUB Cloud and ensure your project gets off to a good start.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Submittals in Construction and Construction Submittals Software.

What is a submittal in construction?

Submittals in construction consist of documents, materials, and samples for review and approval by key members of a project. This can include the architect, engineer, and general contractor.

Why are construction submittals important?

Submittals in construction are important because they help mitigate unnecessary setbacks to the project. Construction submittals often make the difference between starting a project off on the right foot or inviting problems down the line.

What type of documents and materials typically require submittals?

Common items on a commercial construction project that requires a submittal include but not limited to: 

  • Material and product samples 
  • Product data sheets 
  • Drawing sets 
Who typically creates a submittal?

Although many individuals may be responsible for preparing and submitting a submittal, typically the subcontractor and suppliers hold the responsibility. The general contractor, architects and engineers usually are involved in reviewing submittals for approval.

What are some common challenges with managing construction submittals?

There are several challenges subcontractors face when handling submittals on a commercial project, however there are two that stand out. First, the coordination and communication across several parties such as architects, engineers, owners, suppliers, and general contractors. The second common issue is ensuring the submittals are complete, accurate and submitted on time to prevent project schedule delays.

What is construction submittal software?

It is software designed to help trade contractors manage, organize, and track the submittal process throughout a construction project. eSUB Cloud enables efficient communication and collaboration among project stakeholders so that all submittals are reviewed and approved on time.

How does construction submittal software benefit trade contractors?

This software benefits trade contractors by streamlining the submittal process, reducing errors and miscommunication, and improving overall project efficiency. It allows for easy tracking of submittals, simplifies document management, and enables better collaboration among team members, clients, and other stakeholders.

What are the key features of construction submittal software?

Key features of construction submittal software include:

  • Document management and organization
  • Automated submittal log generation
  • Custom submittal workflows
  • Version control and audit trails
  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Access control and permissions
  • Mobile access for field use
  • Integration with other construction management tools
Is the software easy to use and learn?

Yes, eSUB Cloud construction submittal software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. eSUB also offers comprehensive training and support materials to help users learn the system quickly and efficiently.

How can I share submittal information with my team, clients, and other project stakeholders?

Construction submittal software like eSUB Cloud lets users share submittal information through real time collaboration, access control, and custom permissions. Stakeholders can view, comment on, and approve submittals within the software, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Does the software support version control and a complete audit trail of construction submittal revisions?

Yes, construction submittal software like eSUB Cloud includes version control features. It also maintains a complete audit trail of all revisions, comments, and approvals. This ensures transparency and accountability throughout the submittal process.

Can the software automatically generate construction submittal logs and track submittal statuses?

Absolutely. Construction submittal software automates generation of submittal logs and provides real-time tracking of submittal statuses. This helps trade contractors stay on top of their projects and meet deadlines.

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