What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

A SaaS Provider is a third-party entity that manages and distributes software-based services and solutions to customers across the Internet from a central data center.

Why is eSUB better than a standard construction software package?

With eSUB you tailor your Project Management System to fit your company’s needs using a dynamic system that grows with your business.  Manage all your projects anytime, from any device. With standard construction software you risk paying thousands of dollars, trying to make it fit your company, and finding it soon becomes outdated.

Do I have to buy separate licenses for every computer or device with access?

No. Your eSUB license can be accessed from any computer or device without paying extra for separate license fees. You have complete access to all project information online.

Can I access my eSUB projects from any computer?

Since eSUB is Internet based, you can access any eSUB project from any personal computer or device with Internet access. Review, manage and update all project information company-wide from the jobsite, office or home.

How many projects can I manage with eSUB?

You can create as many projects as you like. This allows you to track all projects and have instant access to real-time information at any time from any where.

Does eSUB require a specific computer configuration and browser?

Anyone with an internet connection and an internet browser can access eSUB.

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