Robotics in construction

Robotics and the Impact on Construction

Robotics and the Impact on Construction


Robotic technology is here, and it’s changing the construction industry like never before. In this article, we will take a look at the newest robotic technology and the impacts it’s having on the world of construction.

Building with Drones

Drones are growing in popularity due to the many advantages they offer on construction sites. Their ability to fly offers superior visual inspections of pipelines and cell-towers, while their specialized camera technology offers improved gas leak detection. Drones can reach areas that are difficult or dangerous for humans to access and they can do it quickly. This decreases potential risks and saves time and money. They are also extremely accurate and are often equipped with laser scanning rigs and gyroscopic stabilization. These technologies, along with specialized cameras, produce invaluable data and make drones a tremendous technological asset for construction companies.


3D Printing

3D printing is becoming more and more advanced every day. Currently, 3D printing has the potential to produce a variety of shapes and building components. This will decrease the amount of time needed to create these components and increase efficiency drastically. In the future, large-scale 3D printers are even expected to be able to print an entire building! Also read 3D Laser Scanning >


What’s the impact?


Easier Demolition

Breaking down walls and crushing bricks/concrete is no easy task. Without robotics, the demolition process would drag on far longer than necessary due to limited human strength. With robotics, buildings can be demolished and disposed of in one day, saving time and money.


Higher Quality

With automation comes higher quality. Unfortunately, humans are prone to error, and this reflects in our work. No matter how often we double check for flaws, there is still a high chance that we will miss something. With robotics, the construction industry and its customers can rest easy knowing robotic machines are ensuring the quality of their product. Automation gets the job done better, faster, and more efficiently.


Total Automation

Once the construction industry embraces robotics, everyday processes will eventually become completely automated. This means everything from manufacturing to welding to dispensing! More automation means less human error and lots of financial savings.


Job Changes

Robotics will perform certain tasks that construction workers used to perform. This is one huge reason for why the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology. Workers have done things the same way for a long time and are hesitant to change and possible job losses. While robotics will not get rid of all jobs completely, it will drastically change what workers will be doing day-to-day and in some cases will replace the need for human workers.


Overall robotics make construction safer, cheaper and faster. Construction automation takes over the boring and dangerous construction tasks and delivers quality projects quickly, saving time and money. Although the idea of implementing robotic technology may seem daunting, it’s time to jump on board. The construction industry is launching into a new revolution of robotics so stop waiting around and join the ride!



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