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What it Takes to be a Certified Construction Manager in 2018

This is the year of the certified construction manager. Not only does certification prove the skills construction managers have learned over the years, but it also proves their value. Certified construction managers have years of training and experience they draw from and are a great benefit to their projects. In 2018, it’s easier to see what it takes to be a certified construction manager.

certified construction manager
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What is a Certified Construction Manager?

A construction manager holds a key job in a construction project. They’re responsible for creating and managing the schedule, handling project finances, and managing the project’s quality. The construction manager holds a similar job to a general contractor, but they are more active in the construction process.


A certified construction manager performs the same tasks as a construction manager; however, they have certification proving their talent and skill. In order to be certified, they had to prove their experience, capability, and knowledge.

certified construction manager
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What does a Certified Construction Manager do?

A certified construction manager works as a construction manager. They are also responsible for managing the planning and design and construction of the project. They are responsible for budgeting, controlling costs, and helping with contracts. They’re also responsible for overseeing the quality of construction. For construction management professionals who want to get ahead in their careers and distinguish themselves, becoming a certified construction manager can do that. The certification acts as proof of the hard work and experience of a construction manager and can make marketing yourself or your firm easier.


How to Become a Certified Construction Manager?

The Construction Manager Certification Institute offers the certification. Their eligibility accommodates many education levels, and their test covers what experienced construction managers could see in projects. And tests them over proper responses to those scenarios as well as best practices. They offer practices, study kits, and books on the test fields.


The largest parts of the test are contract administration and time management. However, project management, cost management, and safety and risk management are also well represented on the test. Professional practice and quality management sections also on the test, but they’re smaller portions of the overall test.


Best Habits of Certified Construction Managers

Certification usually shows that the construction managers have the best habits. These habits can help those interested in becoming a certified construction manager.


Time Management

Construction relies heavily on schedules and scheduling. The best-certified construction managers are great schedules. However, that also means that they’re great time managers. Certified construction managers have to manage the project, which means responding to many requests coming in at the same time. Great construction managers know this and are able to manage their own time to optimize their work on the project. Since they know that they often have to make timely and informed decisions that will impact the speed of work they plan for it. They know they’re going to have important issues that can’t be left or forgotten. The best-certified construction managers have great time management skills.



A certified construction manager has a lot of responsibilities and there is a lot of pressure to ensure everything is correct. However, a great certified construction manager knows how to delegate tasks. Construction is a group project, it relies on many individual pieces in order to achieve the common goal. Great construction managers know how to delegate properly. They ensure that the person they’re delegating the task to has the right skills and knowledge to complete the task, or that they can obtain the right knowledge for the task and complete it. Great certified construction managers know how to delegate tasks best and follow up with them to ensure completion.


Recognize Responsibility

One habit that great construction managers have is they recognize their responsibility. A certified construction manager is responsible for the safety and well-being of the crews under them since in construction an accident can have grave consequence. But it is the construction manager’s responsibility to try to mitigate those risks. Shortcuts and other similar measures can endanger more people and risk the integrity of the building. A certified construction manager recognizes their responsibility to ensure the site is safe and enforces safety procedures. They recognize the weight of their actions and try to plan accordingly.