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Top 9 Commercial Drywall Contractors in California

Here’s a list of some of the standout commercial drywall contractors across the state of California. Some of these businesses specialize in commercial drywall work, while others use it as a part of their greater suite of contracting services. In both cases, these are some of the top performers in efficiency, profit, and customer satisfaction.

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1. Lancaster Burns Construction, Inc.

Based in Roseville, Lancaster, Burns Construction started its metal stud/drywall division in 2004, branching out from its origins as a framing subcontractor. This enabled them to expand to both structural and non-structural commercial drywall for hotels, universities, and other commercial installations. This was furthered even more when they branched into steel fabrication, making it possible for them to build entire multi-story commercial buildings, drywall installation included. Their most recent addition is a concrete division.

2. TS Matthews Construction

Based in the Fresno/Clovis area, TS Matthews is a general contractor with over 30 years of experience on the field and logistics ends of the construction industries. Drywall for commercial and residential buildings is one of their main areas of focus as a business. Their other specialties are light gauge framing systems and acoustical ceiling systems. Since they are a general contractor, they are able to bid on all parts of a project to make things more cost-effective and convenient for clients.

commercial drywall contractors
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3. Diamond Drywall

Based in Fresno, Diamond Drywall positions itself as a drywall expert, providing service to commercial installations throughout the San Joaquin Valley. They offer a comprehensive suite of drywall hanging, framing, and taping for different businesses and bring 18 years of experience to the table. Their website notes that they provide installation services for a variety of buildings, including:


New construction

Office complexes


Shopping centers


4. Interior Experts General Builders Inc.

Based in Chino, this general contractor provides commercial construction services all across Southern California. This includes drywall repair, replacement, and installation. Some of their specialty areas of focus include office tenants, open stores, and retail build outs. One thing that they pride themselves on is their team of interior experts, that bring top experience to the table for drywall installations and beyond.

5. CRM Construction, Inc

Based in Long Beach, CRM Construction has 50 years of experience, specializing in commercial and industrial construction projects. Drywall is one part of their expansive suite of services, including:







Electrical work


If you need drywall installation for now, but may end up looking for other services later, this may be the best possible option for you. For example, their extensive history in design means that they can help you create and roll out entire buildings, as well as helping your existing structures with drywall installation. They also cite an impressive long-term record of fast track production with minimal customer complaints.

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6. Marshman Construction

Based in Murrietta, Marshman Construction is one of the top drywall/steel framing businesses in Southern California. They have experience servicing schools, hospitals, restaurants, and new construction projects. However, it’s their environmental impact that may set them apart from some of the other options. Notably, Marshman is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, meaning that their practices help reduce waste and energy expenditures. They also have a devotion to on-site safety, offering online OSHA training combined with on-site tailgate meetings led by an on-site trainer.

How General Contractors Can Make Their Services More Appealing

Some new commercial drywall contractors try to reach the level of high levels of success of some companies, but don’t know where to start. 

Better marketing

Getting your name out there is important in the world of contracting. One of the key areas to start with is properly developing your website. Make sure that you have a domain name that’s easy to remember, and put some serious investment into your website. 

Professional-grade websites need to have proper local SEO (to appear on local searches) as well as an interface that’s easy to navigate. 

Make sure that your phone number, list of services, and credentials are easy to find on your website. Creating a strong digital presence can build up your business at a fraction of the cost of a TV or radio ad.

Increasing your service selection

Chances are you’ve noticed a common thread between the different options we’ve mentioned above. While drywall is an important part of the services that they offer, perhaps the most important part, it’s never the only one. As a result, you want to take the time to think about what other services you can offer aside from installation. 

This is especially important for the commercial space because many of these construction projects are on tight timelines, and it’s easier for clients to get a general contractor who can do everything. By comparison, residential property owners may just need drywall repair.

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Being transparent

 Many clients for different construction contractors get frustrated over either paying fees that they weren’t expecting or not being happy with the quality of the construction. One way you can get ahead of issues like these is by being as transparent as possible. Make sure your testimonials and licensing are prominently displayed on your marketing to leave no question about your credentials. 

Revisit your terms of service to make sure they are easy to understand. Also, don’t shy away from customer questions, even some of the tougher ones. Even if you have nothing to hide, customers feel more at ease with a contractor that’s an open book.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a commercial drywall contractor or remodeling service, it pays to keep an eye on your competition, even if they’re not necessarily even in your local area. Different commercial drywall contractors use different methods of marketing, different service suites, as well as different price ranges. Keeping a close eye on these can give you some great insight on how to improve your business.

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