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Five Ways Drywall Software Can Help Drywall Contractors

Five Ways Drywall Software Can Help Drywall Contractors

As demand for drywall services steadily increases in 2022, competition and the labor shortage is forcing subcontractors to seek ways to increase their profit and competitive edge. General Contractors are also focused on low bids, which forces firms to squeeze their margins. So, how do subcontractors address these issues while improving their bottom line and offer cheaper and more efficient services? Below are five ways to leverage mobile and cloud-based drywall software to help you increase productivity and get paid.

1. Eliminate Paperwork

Using mobile and cloud-based project management drywall software eliminates paperwork. If you are tired of having to fill out paperwork only to have it damaged or lost, you should consider using a cloud-based management drywall software. Construction drywall software such as eSUB digitizes paperwork and makes it easy to create, submit and track necessary documents without having to print one piece of paper. Examples are listed below.

Key features of eSUB include the ability to create, submit and automatically store the following:

– Submittals
– Change orders
– RFI’s
– Purchase orders
– Time cards
– Daily reports
– Letters

Drywall contractors should take note of this because competing firms are adopting drywall software at an incredible rate. Today, it’s easy to adopt and train users beginning with a single project. In using cloud-based drywall software; these documents are created faster and stored in an organized and searchable manner. Introducing project management and document control software into your business will help your business increase profits by ensuring that you never lose another important document that proves you performed the work (materials, labor, and costs).

2. Keep Employees Safer

Keeping employees safe on the job should be the number one priority on any jobsite. Construction drywall software helps contractors keep their employees safe by enabling real-time communication. It allows messages and notifications to be sent out in a bulk manner to different mobile devices which ensure that messages are received promptly and efficiently. Since different projects may have different safety guidelines, or a manager may suddenly realize a safety hazard, it is beneficial to be able to notify his employees instantly.

Employee safety is crucial because it can cost contractors significantly if rules are broken. If employees are not informed and are breaking safety rules on the job, their employers risk being fined large amounts, or worse, being sued or losing their licenses. Cloud-based software solves this issue by allowing managers to instantly send out safety messages if they notice a new safety hazard. This makes the job site a safer and more productive environment. Safety Training is also essential and “push notifications” allow the Project Manager to remind jobsite employees of specific security measures and procedures.

3. Improved Collaboration and Communication

Drywall contractors run more successful businesses when managers keep a close eye on things, and employees communicate with each other. Cloud-based drywall software has unique features that allow messaging and real-time communication. For example, purchase requisitions can be instantly transmitted which allows for faster approval from the general contractor. Enhanced communication also helps with improving scheduling.

4. Manage and Schedule Resources with Speed

Scheduling is usually one of the more complicated processes in construction. It can be hard to identify the best fit workers for the task when they are shared across various job sites. With eSUB’s Field Works Mobile App, managers can track and locate employees and determine where they are working and where they worked. If something suddenly goes wrong on a job, managers can notify their workers with a touch of a button. For example, if materials suddenly cannot be delivered on time, managers can notify employees across teams and move them to different jobs, or do whatever is necessary to keep them productive. Construction software designed for Drywallers makes them more productive.

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5. Protect Your Business and Its Profits

Mobile and cloud-based project management and document control software benefit all users by storing the documents in a secure and searchable database throughout the entire project lifecycle. The amount of paperwork generated from large-scale construction projects is mind-blowing. Since all documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, are stored in the cloud, subcontractors have concrete legal evidence in case there’s a misunderstanding. Contractors no longer have to worry about storing and searching for old paper documents when an issue comes up. Instead, all relevant documents are stored in the cloud and can be found with a few clicks of a button.


It is clear that mobile and cloud-based project management and document control software can be especially useful for drywall contractors. By automating, simplifying and organizing complex business processes, subcontractor software can do the work for your staff and increase their productivity. If you feel like your drywall company is wasting time and money completing an everyday task, we suggest that you use a cloud-based software to stride past your competitors.

How eSUB Construction Software can help 

Leveraging a technology solution standardizes daily reporting and helps prevent human error. The old manual method relies on memory and filling papers out correctly. eSUB is a software solution created specifically for subcontractors. It helps you create and share detailed and accurate daily reports right from the field—gather data, fill out the report, and digitally sign it from the job site. Add photos, attachments, links, and all the information you need. Then send the report to anyone who needs it.

If you’re looking to standardize and streamline your daily reporting through a single platform, schedule a demo to learn how eSUB can help.