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Top 60 Largest Electrical Contractors in 2020

Top 60 Largest Electrical Contractors in 2020

Electrical construction is a highly-specialized, highly-skilled discipline that is essential for local municipalities, industrial settings, and just about any infrastructure you can think of. For jobs of this scale, it’s generally required to use a larger contractor in order to ensure a smooth, successful project. 

So, with that in mind, here’s a look at the largest electrical contractors in 2020, based across the United States. Note,  this list is not in any specific order.

  1. Quanta Electric

Quanta is one of the largest electrical contractors worldwide in terms of revenue and reach, with projects from North America to Australia. Some of their major projects include the Labrador-Island Link Transmission Line and Fort McMurray West 500-kVAC Transmission project.

  1. Rosendin Electric

Rosendin boasts 100 years of work across biotech, entertainment, and many other industries. They are also a leader in terms of innovation and engineering. Some of their previous major projects include the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

  1. Cupertino Electric

Based in Silicon Valley, Cupertino Electric has always been a leader in designing and installing electrical installations and systems. Some of their past work includes Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, as well as their work in the city of Palo Alto.

  1. MYR Group

MYR has been a mainstay across the United States and Canada for electrical infrastructure projects, in both commercial and industrial settings. Some of their past work includes the Eastern Maine Medical Center and Cabot Station Generating Plant.

  1. Henkles & McCoy Group

With 50 offices across the country, this company focuses specifically on the utility and communications markets. This includes major projects like the Keystone Pipeline and working with Community Access Television.

  1. M.C. Dean, Inc.

This company focuses on cyber-physical solutions across the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. This includes projects like the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Maryland Health Science Facility.

  1. MMR Group, Inc.

MMR is known as the largest privately-owned open shop electrical contractor in the country, focusing on energy, industrial, and manufacturing work in the U.S. and abroad. Some of their past projects include the Mercedes-Benz Auto Manufacturing Facility and Conocophillips Oil Refinery.

  1. MDU Construction Services Group, Inc.

MDU works across 43 states, providing not just underground utilities, but transmission lines and suppression systems. Some of their large projects include the Stillwater Geothermal Solar Hybrid Power Plant and the University of Dayton Arena.

  1. CEC Companies

CEC is one of the most trusted subcontractors in the country, providing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical construction/installation services. Some of their past projects include Brinker International and the Hotel Drover at Stockyards.

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  1. Guarantee Electrical Co.

This full-service contractor works with new construction, emergency services, and troubleshooting. Some of their past work includes renovations to the Lofts On The Square and an alternate care facility in Missouri for COVID-19 patients.

  1. USIS

This third-generation services/installation company provides tech services, on-site services, and electrical contracting to small companies and Fortune 500 companies alike.

  1. Commonwealth Electrical Company of the Midwest

This full-service contractor does commercial and industrial work across Arizona, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Some of their past projects include the Buffett Cancer Center and UNO Baxter Hockey Arena.

  1. IES Holdings, Inc.

IES Holdings started as a pure electrical contractor but has expanded to a diverse set of industrial work and infrastructure services as a holding company. Their past work includes the Valent BioSciences Industrial Plant.

  1. Faith Technologies, Inc.

Faith Technologies is an expert and leader in electrical planning, engineering, and installation. Some of their past work includes the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Canadian Pacific Railroad Bridge. 

  1. Interstates

Interstates has provided electrical and automation needs for companies across the globe. This includes construction, engineering, and control systems.

  1. Helix Electric, Inc.

Helix has expanded its capabilities in recent years to work remotely to service a large set of clients. Some of their past projects include the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute and SCI Phoenix Prison.

  1. ArchKey Solutions 

ArchKey Solutions is one of the largest electrical/technology contractors in the country, with a workforce of over 5,500 people. This includes work in healthcare, education, renewables, and power generation.

  1. The Newtron Group, LLC

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Newtron Group is one of the largest privately-owned specialty industrial construction businesses in the country. They specialize in commercial and residential electrical construction, as well as analytics, automation, and integration solutions.

  1. Power Design, Inc.

Power Design is notable for its specialization in the multi-family sector, one of the largest contractors in the U.S. Some of their past work in this area includes the Hyatt House Nashville and Four Seasons at the Surf Club.

  1. Facility Solutions Group, Inc.

Facility Solutions Group, (FSG) is one of the largest single-source providers of lighting/electrical products. They also supply electrical services, construction, and energy management. Clients include commercial businesses and retail chains.

  1. Hunt Electric Corp.

Hunt Electric has over 50 years of experience providing services and innovation across the electrical industry. Some of their past work includes the Minnesota State University, Mankato – Sports Dome and Cooper Middle School.

  1. Redwood Electric Corp, Inc.

Redwood Electric Group has been focusing on design services and electrical construction since 1974, doing major projects across the West Coast. These include Google Tech Corners and the Netflix Campus. 

  1. Cache Valley Electric Corp.

Cache Valley Electric has been around for 100 years, with different divisions for electrical contracting, but also teledata and systems integration. Some of their past projects include the Blythe Power Plant and Adobe’s Lehi campus.

  1. Bergelectric Corp.

Dating back to 1946, Bergelectric has built up a dedicated client base through adaptability and trust. Some of their past work includes the Armed Forces Reserve Center and Sony Electronic Corporate Headquarters.

  1. Walker Engineering, Inc.

Over the last 38 years, Walker has become one of the largest electrical construction companies in Texas. Some of their past projects include the Perot Museum of Nature & Science and Austin Proper Hotel.

  1. Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc.

Newkirk has provided engineering and construction services for electrical systems across a variety of industries for almost 60 years. Some of their past work includes the Apex Landfill Biodesulfurization Project and Meadow Lake Wind Farm Substation Capacitor Bank.

  1. Egan Co.

Egan provides a variety of construction services, electric work included, across Minnesota and the Midwest. Some of their past work includes an expansion on Gustavus Adolphus College – Nobel Hall of Science and the MCTC Skyway Renovation.

  1. The Morse Group, Inc.

Morse Electric, Inc. is the largest arm of the Morse Group, providing a wide set of electrical services, construction, and quality control across the U.S. and Canada. Some of their past projects include work at McCarran International Airport and Berner Foods.

  1. Lake Erie Electrical Companies

This contractor provides design, construction, maintenance, and project management solutions for a variety of different sectors. Past projects include the Charter Steel CTL Line and Cleveland Museum of Art.

  1. Amteck, LLC

Amteck is a leader in innovation, construction, and service for electrical systems across the country. Past projects include work at Golden State Foods and the University of Kentucky. 

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  1. Ludvik Electric

With its main office in Lakewood, CO, and satellite offices in Phoenix and Salt Lake City, Ludvik is one of the country’s premier electrical contractors, both in design and construction. Some past projects include the Union Hills Water Treatment Plant and Hyatt Regency Denver hotel.

  1. Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.

This company specializes in construction and facility maintenance across the telecommunication, medical, and industrial industries. Some of their past work includes Schneider Electric and the Southeast Water Treatment Plant.

  1. Motor City Electric Co.

Founded in Detroit, Motor City Electric Co. (MCE) has evolved to become one of the largest full-service contractors in the country. Some of their major projects include Little Caesars Arena and Tap Sports Bar at the MGM Grand.

  1. Hatzel and Buehler, Inc.

Based in Wilmington, DE, this contractor has been one of the longest contiguous members of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Some of their past projects include Comcast’s Regional Call Center and the American Metro Center.

  1. Five Star Electric Co.

Five Star came to prominence in the 1990s, becoming one of the major contractors for schools in New York. Today, some of their major projects include One World Trade Center and Columbia University’s Jerome L. Greene Science Center.

  1. Miller Electric Co.

Miller Electric Company has grown from a local contractor to a national company with over 2,000 employees. Their past work includes data centers, food and beverage, financial services, and a variety of different industries.

  1. Railworks, LLC

RailWorks does a variety of construction and upkeep services for railroad systems across the U.S. and Canada. Some of their past work includes the Airtrain Project at JFK International Airport and Alton Steel rail yard.

  1. Fisk Electric Co.

Fisk specializes in maintaining and installing electrical systems, security systems, and fiber optics. Some of their past work includes the Las Vegas City Center and Panorama Tower.

  1. CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc.

CSI has been a leader in electrical design/construction, working in commercial areas, industrial sites, and a variety of other niches. Their main areas of focus are alternative energy, construction, and maintenance. 

  1. Rogers

Rogers focuses on facility service. This includes electrical work, but also construction, lighting, and even HVAC work. Past clients include DHL, Amazon, and Best Buy.

  1. Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Tri-City has become one of the foremost construction contractors in the Florida area. Some of their areas of expertise include working on office buildings, schools, and industrial work. Some of their past work includes the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand Lakes and Orange County Convention Center.

  1. Cleveland Electric Co.

Cleveland is one of the top contractors in the Atlanta area and Southeast, including pre-construction and prefabrication. Some of their past work includes the High Museum of Art and South Tunnel Lift Station.

  1. Tri City Electrical Company of Iowa

Tri-City Electrical Company is one of the foremost family-owned electrical contractors, servicing the general Iowa area with its 1,200-strong team. Previous projects include American Honda and Bitco.

  1. JF Electric

This contractor provides their years of expertise across the St. Louis area and general Midwest. Some of their specialties include design, substations, and telecommunications.

  1. VECA Electric and Technologies

VECA has been a major construction fixture across the Puget Sound region, providing electrical, communication, and wireless systems across commercial buildings. Previous projects include the Bellevue Hilton Garden Inn and HBO’s offices.

  1. Encore Electric

Encore provides end-to-end electrical services for a variety of different projects across the Rocky Mountain Region. Their work has long been recognized by associations like the Associated General Contractors of Colorado.

  1. Cochran, Inc.

Cochran has become a construction fixture in the Seattle and Portland Metro area, from electrical work to security and wireless installation. Past projects include the Bellevue Towers and downtown Seattle Library

  1. Wachter, Inc.

Wachter combines technology and new integrations to be on the cutting edge of construction and design, electric work included. This ranges from security work for national retailers to installing a wireless infrastructure across over 140 warehouses.

  1. O’Connell Electric Co, Inc.

Starting in New England in 1911, this company has expanded to provide a complex set of electrical services across the entire East Coast. Some of their past projects include the Wethersfield Wind Farm and Gardenville Substation.

  1. Sprig Electric Co.

Based in Silicon Valley, this contractor specializes in design-build services for electrical, low-voltage, and energy solution systems. Some of their past work includes Avaya Stadium and Linkedin Headquarters.

  1. Morrow-Meadows Corp.

With operations across California and the Pacific Northwest, this full-service contracting company is a certified Woman Business Enterprise. Some of their previous projects include the Riverside Convention Center and Glendale Animation Studio.

  1. Conti Corporation

This company services both industrial and commercial clients and have been an industry leader since 1969. Major previous projects include the Florida Turnpike and Topaz Solar Generation Plant.

  1. MasTec

MasTec brings over 80 years of expertise to the table, specializing in complex infrastructure projects. Some of their past work includes wind farm construction in Burlington, CO, and the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

  1. Modular Power Solutions

Based out of New Jersey, MPS considers itself a total solutions partner when doing BIM coordination, full electrical systems, or support across a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Recent work includes partnerships with Omega Morgan to deploy 4 skids into a new building.

  1. Comet Electric

Comet Electric has provided installation and design services across a variety of different sectors since 1976. Recent projects include the Purple Line extension and Harbor College Teacher’s Prep area.

  1. Southern Contracting Company

This general engineering/electrical contract focuses on industrial/public works, developers, and utilities across Southern California. Past projects include the Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant and Miramar Energy Facility.

  1. Whittington Electric

Based in Auburn, California, Whittington specializes in electrical construction services for commercial properties and the healthcare industry.

  1. Black Hawk Electric Co, Inc.

With 60 years of experience, Black Hawk provides the top electrical construction services for their clients, specializing in residential and commercial buildings. This includes apartments, hotels, student housing, and assisted living.

  1. FFS Tech

FFS, is a licensed low voltage integration company, focusing on safe technology solutions for public works and the private sector. Past projects include the USC Medical Center and the Rose Bowl.

  1. Mike Brown Electric Co.

Established in 1975 by Mike Brown, this contractor specializes in electrical underground projects across Northern California but also constructs and renovates different buildings and infrastructure.

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The larger that electrical specialty contractors grow, the larger the volume of jobs that they do. This can create a logistical nightmare in terms of keeping track of the progress of each individual job, not to mention tracking labor costs and added expenses to make sure that your initial bids are still an appropriate price. 

As a result, any electrical contractors looking to expand should consider electrician project management software like eSUB. Not only can you have all your relevant data accessed through the cloud rather than set data centers, but you also have better analytics to help guide your business decisions.