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Electrical software designed specifically for contractors

eSUB's electrical contractor software is designed to support Electrical Contractors, providing a complete labor productivity and document control solution. With our mobile-first cloud based, construction management software Electrical Contractors can access your project information, online anytime, anywhere, from any device.

electrical contractor software

Project management for Electrical Contractors

eSUB addresses Electrical Contractors’ unique demands for project management including: accurate labor, material tracking, and proactive communication. With eSUB any Electrical Contractor can easily create, update and store construction documents, and emails with all of your attachments, and track labor or material costs for productivity reports.

Project data on demand

eSUB's electrical contractor software creates an archive of all project documents and provides supporting documentation on demand. Information captured in eSUB is date and time stamped to form a complete historical timeline of your project. That means six months from now Electrical Contractors won’t have to waste time searching for critical documents necessary for payment or legal protection.
Our company was founded on the principle that one size doesn't fit all, when it comes to construction software. As seasoned construction industry consultants, we’ve helped thousands of Electrical Contractors configure eSUB in a way that optimizes business flow and accomplish your objectives in the most streamlined manner available.

electrical project management software


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Best Electrical Project Management Software.

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"eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."



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Say goodbye to errors

In the past, one of the most frustrating things about being an Electrical Contractor was dealing with time consuming and error prone manual processes of tracking projects in Word, Excel and Outlook. eSUB’s mobile applications and cloud-based construction project management platform replaces “old school” ways of managing projects and replaces them with automated procedures, saving Electrical Contractors time and money. This creates a “win-win” for Electrical Contractors.
With eSUB's electrical contractor software, you create, log and safely store every detail and document related to your project including emails, Daily Reports, Submittals, RFIs, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Pay Applications, Correspondence, Photos, Drawings, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists and Timecards in one central location. Create paperless, green projects and eliminate file folders, 3 ring binders and chasing papers for good.

Construction Software

Designed by Electrical Contractors

Our Users drive our enhancements, based on your experiences “in the trenches”. This means more modules, better applications, streamlined procedures and dynamic software that grow with your company, staying at the forefront of new technology.

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"AMAZING experience with eSUB. "

5/5 Stars

"This software helps to organize and track our construction projects with ease from the field to the office, keeping communication open between both."

"Generally very happy with product."

4/5 Stars

"Generally very happy with product. "

"Great product for our electrical company."

5/5 Stars

"I'm a project supervisor for an industrial electrical company. I work on the road 2 weeks at a time. My project manager manages from the office. ESub has helped us communicate RFI's, track hours, seperate quoted work vs 'extras'. We have no issues with it."

"Outstanding product and customer support!"

5/5 Stars

"The software is very easy to use and gives you control of your projects, and the customer support is the best I have encountered."

"The way it's tailored towards sub-contractors is a plus."

4/5 Stars

"eSUB Review."

"Everything in one location and access anywhere."

5/5 Stars

"eSub has helped our business stay organized and have all project data in one location. It keeps all documents and correspondence in one location for a project so it can be easily accessed any where. From project start up to closeouts, it allows everything to be tracked and easily referenced."

"Time Saver!"

5/5 Stars

"Simple navigation of the software makes for smooth integration of work. The program has a good support in case you need."

"I use this tool daily. Very convenient and easy."

5/5 Stars

"You can access it form everywhere and all the time. Very easy to generate reports and keep tracking all the data."

"Great Product- Easy To Use- Easy To Integrate."

5/5 Stars

"What I love most is that I no longer have to chase after guys in the field for daily reports etc. They love the voice dictation, that alone has made reporting for them way easier than manually filling out the daily at the end of a long day. All of our users love it."

"Great Software with Great Support!"

5/5 Stars

"eSUB's project management software has changed the way we do business. From the first day eSUB training and support has been top notch. I recommend this to all Subcontractors and GC's."

"The cloud access to everything in real time. Sign up as soon as you can."

5/5 Stars

"We use it almost exclusively for project management."