Top 25 Electrical Contracting Companies in 2019

Sorting through all the information available on electrical contracting companies to find the right one for your project can be a challenge. The right electrical contracting companies for a given project will depend on the industry, budget, location, and project size. To help make the research easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 electrical contracting companies in 2019.

To rank the different electrical contracting companies, we took into account 2018 revenue, company size, and some subjective measures such as projects completed and industries served. We’ve given more weight to the quantifiable metrics of revenue and company size, but a higher ranking doesn’t necessarily imply a given electrical contracting company is the right firm for a particular project.

Expertise in a given industry and a reputation for completing similar projects goes a long way. Where applicable, we’ve linked to resources that will help you learn more about the companies and data we have provided to help you select the right firm for the job.

Before we dive into the top 25 electrical contracting companies a few notes on the data:

Revenue, company size, and company information is based on publicly available data and should be viewed as estimates unless directly from official financial statements (linked throughout where applicable).

When information was otherwise unavailable or unreliable, company LinkedIn pages were used to estimate company size.

If you are a representative from one of the companies listed and would like to update your information, if you’d like us to consider your electrical contracting company for our next list, or if you simply have questions about our current list, please contact us today!

The Top 25 Electrical Contracting Companies in 2019

1. Quanta Services

Revenue in 2018: $11.2 billion

Company Size: 39,200

High Profile Projects: Fort McMurray West 500-kVAC Transmission project, Entergy Lake Charles 230/500kV Transmission project, Labrador-Island Link Transmission Line

Company Description: Quanta Services is a major player in the world of electrical contracting companies. With a geographic footprint from North America to Latin America to Australia, Quanta Services puts people first. Whether it’s customer satisfaction or employee safety, they know that the people who support them are the reason for their success. When it comes to electrical power, Quanta’s generating stations, substations and transmission lines are constructed by the most highly skilled workforce in North America.

2. EMCOR Group Inc.

Revenue in 2018: $8.1 billion

Company Size: 33,000

High Profile Projects: Molina Healthcare Office Towers, Port of Miami, George Washington Bridge

Company Description: The diverse services EMCOR offers makes it stand out among competitors. With a dynamic range of services, EMCOR’s employees across all 170 locations are trained to install for strong, lasting results. Creating new structures and maintaining existing structures makes it a leader in infrastructural integrity. From transportation, industrial, commercial and even healthcare, EMCOR uses smart solutions to increase energy efficiency.

3. MasTec

Revenue in 2018$6.9 billion

Company Size: 22,000

High Profile Projects: Aberdeen Proving Ground; Wind Farm Construction, Burlington, CO; Douglas County Schools Solar Power Project

Company Description: MasTec prides itself on driving the technological revolution. Environmentally responsible and powered by smart solutions, MasTec has had more than 80 years of experience dealing with some of the most complex infrastructure construction projects in the nation. From natural gas to solar energy to alternative fuel, the solutions MasTec provides are both smart and efficient.

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4. MDU Construction Services Group

Revenue in 2018$3.3 Billion * Parent company’s “Nonregulated pipeline and midstream, construction materials and contracting, construction services and other” revenues for 2018.

Company Size: 5,500

High Profile Projects: University of Kansas Security Systems, Avaya Lab Relocation, Stillwater Geothermal Solar Hybrid Power Plant

Company Description: Focused on safety first and foremost, MDU Construction Services has an authorized workforce across 43 states and offers various construction solutions including underground utilities, electrical, fire and mechanical suppression systems, and transmission lines. Their employees don’t just get the job done; they work to understand exactly what their customers are looking for and then execute the task strategically and effectively.

5. Rosendin Electric

Revenue in 2018: $2 billion

Company Size: 6,000

High Profile Projects: Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Las Vegas CityCenter

Company Description: Rosendin runs on respect and entrepreneurial ideas. Their goal: maintain the legacy they’ve created. For 100 years now they have maintained a high ethical standard with every project they’ve worked on, and they promote community support through charities and construction. Their work is built on the standards of quality and value with sustainable designs and practices. Rosendin’s commitment to innovation gives it its leading edge.

6. MYR Group

Revenue in 2018: $1.5 billion

Company Size: 5,800

High Profile Projects: Lexington-Dooms Transmission Line, Clover 345kV/138kV Substation, Eastern Maine Medical Center

Company Description: Providing superior services and fostering rewarding relationships is their mission. Creating empowering connections is their vision. For over 125 years, the MYR Group has been connecting their customers with electrical power. They provide electrical infrastructure for commercial and industrial needs throughout the United States and Canada for projects of varied scopes and sizes.

7. Cupertino Electric, Inc.

Revenue in 2018: $1 billion

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, City of Palo Alto, Los Angeles International Airport Systems

Company Description: Helping companies innovate and solving technological challenges for public institutions, Cupertino Electric is known for designing and installing electrical systems that are the first-of-their-kind. Their projects are completed quickly — without cutting back on quality — to ensure the desired results with maximum benefit to their customers. The Silicon Valley-based company strives for integrity, excellence, innovation, people and safety.

8. Henkels & McCoy, Inc.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$860 million

Company Size: 5,001-10,000

High Profile Projects: Community Access Television, Keystone Pipeline

Company Description: Working for the utility and communications markets, this privately owned utility infrastructure business uses its Connected Infrastructure Model to complete its projects. Their employees are fully trained in power, oil and gas pipeline, gas distribution and communications markets. Their customers comprise of utility, government, and commercial entities. Starting in 1923, Henkels & McCoy have built over 50 offices and have been connecting their customers to the world since their inception.

9. IES Holdings, Inc.

Revenue in 2018$876.8 million

Company Size4,564

High Profile Projects: Valent BioSciences Industrial Plant, Linus Pauling Science Center at Oregon State University, Medford PP Mix Spheres Project

Company Description: Having emerged into a holding company that operates four businesses for industrial products and infrastructure services, the North American-based IES Holdings works in all areas of commercial and industrial construction. IES didn’t want to remain in the cyclical world of electrical contracting, so in 2011, they moved toward a more diverse platform as a holding company and will continue to grow their North-American-based business.

10. M.C. Dean, Inc.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$763.1 million

Company Size: 3,500

High Profile Projects: Stay’n Power, Inc., University of Maryland Health Science Facility, Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Company Description: First established in Virginia in 1949, it now has clients at the federal, state, and local levels spanning the eastern United States, Europe and the Middle East. M.C. Dean certainly doesn’t shy from large, intricate projects. They are best known for providing assistance for complex, mission-critical organizations. Its services include design-build, energy, communications, security, and automation.

11. MMR Group Inc.

Revenue in 2018: Undisclosed, $650 million in 2017

Company Size: 4,000

High Profile Projects: Chevron Big Foot Production Platform, Gulf of Mexico; Navasota Energy 550 Megawatt Power Station; ExxonMobil Oil Refinery, Baton Rouge

Company Description: MMR reports they are the largest privately owned instrumentation and open shop electrical contractor in the US. Its client list spans a diverse set of sectors and applications including onshore, offshore, energy, chemical, petrochemical, industrial, and manufacturing. With 50 years of experience and 20 offices throughout the US, Canada, and a number of South American nations, MMR holds a consistent top ranking for the Engineering News Record’s annual specialty contractors list.

12. Five Star Electric Corporation

Revenue Estimate for 2018$517 million

Company Size: 1,500+ employees

High Profile Projects: Helen and Martin Kimmel Center at NYU, Madison Square Garden Station Rehabilitation, Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

Company Description: Like the name says, Five Star Electric aims for Five Star service. Though the company was established in 1959, it really made a name for itself in 1990 as one of the most prominent electrical contractors for schools in New York. They troubleshoot the challenges so they can ensure the job gets done right the first time. Five Star is equipped to do diversified work in many different markets using many different applications.

13. Faith Technologies

Revenue Estimate for 2018$515.3 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: Alta Resources, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Canadian Pacific Railroad Bridge

Company Description: Driven by productivity, value, and safety, Faith Technologies is an energy expert well versed in electrical planning, engineering, design, and installation. Their success is derived from the relationships formed within the industry, which is reflected onto their clients. What makes them different? Faith Technologies provides all-inclusive services that showcase their employee’s investment in the projects and the skills they sharpen and continually develop.

14. Conti Corporation

Revenue Estimate for 2018$512 million

Company Size2,500

High Profile Projects: Florida Turnpike, Open Lane Tolling; City of Miami Beach, Allison Park; Topaz Solar Generation Plant

Company Description: Streamlining their work, reducing their waste overall and creating more effective methodologies is at the heart of how Conti works. With both commercial and industrial clients, project managers work directly with the company’s engineers to execute their high-end projects. Because staying on time and on budget should be a crucial part of how companies work, Conti proves this by allowing their project managers complete ownership to ensure that specifications are met and schedules are followed safely and efficiently.

15. Power Design Inc.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$500 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: Four Seasons at Surf Club, Hyatt House Nashville, Marriott Townplace Suites

Company Description: Taking an integrated approach to the way they design and construct their projects, the team at Power Design is full of contractors, engineers, and systems specialists that thrive on integrity. Power Design is focused mainly in the multi-family market and has had more projects in this sector than any other electrical contractor in the US. Employees at Power Design are accountable for their actions and strive for the best professional standards while implementing new, creative ideas.

16. E-J Electric Installation Co.

Revenue Estimate for 2018: $500 million in annual sales volume per company website

Company Size: 1,200+ employees

High Profile Projects: Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park; Jones Lang LaSalle High Rise Project; Astoria Energy II

Company Description: Another electrical contracting company with a longstanding history, E-J was founded in 1899. The company services “all facets of electrical contracting” in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. They also take on projects nationally. E-J lists transit facilities, office buildings, theaters, hospitals, data centers, and sports stadiums among their typical installations.

17. The Newtron Group

Revenue Estimate for 2018$489 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: The Newtron Group does not list a portfolio on their website. The “Projects” section of their site directs users to the site’s contact page to identify the correct person to ask for information on projects the firm has completed.

Company Description: Project efficiency and employee respect is how The Newtron Group approaches all of its projects. What separates them from the rest? They use a Project Controls Program that was developed in house for electrical installations. The program results in team members having the responsibility to detail and list every function of the installation by job item. Each schedule is customized to suit each project.

18. Bergelectric

Revenue Estimate for 2018$483 million

Company Size: 2,000+ employees

High Profile Projects: General Atomics Aeronautical Manufacturing Building 15, Armed Forces Reserve Center, University of Oregon Matthew Knight Arena

Company Description: Adaptability, loyalty, and trust is what keeps Bergelectric’s client relations strong. Having a national resource but keeping a local angle is what keeps them growing and dedicated to the work they do. With 12 regional offices and decades of expertise, Bergelectric values dedication and safety over everything — their Experience Modification Rates and OSHA Recordable Incident Rates are lower than industry averages.

19. Redwood Electric Group

Revenue Estimate for 2018$450 million

Company Size: 1,200

High Profile Projects: Samsung Research America, Main Street Cupertino, Netflix Campus

Company Description: Redwood Electric uses the latest technologies in the most cost-effective way, and their comprehensive preconstruction services will leave you with few surprises. They have offices located in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Vacaville and Sacramento, but work across the West Coast. From preconstruction to the design and engineering to the actual construction, Redwood exceeds customer expectations. It’s no wonder 90 percent of their work is from repeat customers.

20. Helix Electric

Revenue Estimate for 2018$400 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: NBC 7 Studio Relocation, UCLA Wasserman Football Performance Center, Lou Ruvo Brain Institute

Company Description: Begun with the idea of having a team-oriented culture with a challenge-driven, competitive mindset, Helix works for commercial, correctional, educational, government, entertainment, and transportation companies, and that’s just to name a few. Although they have multiple locations, Helix also has remote capabilities that allow them to reach an even larger client base. At the same time traditional and modern, they profit from hard work, innovation, and integrity.

21. Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$355 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000

High Profile Projects: Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Cancer Center, Medfield Public Safety Facility, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Headquarters

Company Description: Wayne J. Griffin Electric turned 40 in 2018. This electrical contracting company is headquartered in Holliston, MA and has regional offices in Charlotte, NC, Duluth, GA, Pelham, AL, and Durham, NC. Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. has expertise in Telecom, electrical construction, and service & facility maintenance. The firm has serviced a variety of industries ranging from public use to medical to industrial.

22. Fisk Electric

Revenue Estimate for 2018$341 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

High Profile Projects: CityCenter – Las Vegas, NV; Panorama Tower – Miami, FL; Minute Maid Park – Houston, TX; Hobby Airport Concourse Expansion and Modernization

Company Description: Fisk Electric Company, a division of Tutor Perini, was founded in 1913 and has specialized in the maintenance and installation of electrical systems, structured cabling, fiber optics, and security systems. Over the years Fisk has worked in a variety of sites both domestically and internationally. Though they have proven processes and solutions, Fisk is always ready to evolve with the changing market.

23. Cache Valley Electric

Revenue Estimate for 2018$291 million

Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

High Profile Projects: Blythe Power Plant, IMFlash Technologies, USU Strength and Conditioning Facility

Company Description: Founded in 1915, Cache Valley Electric is another electrical contracting company that has been around for over 100 years. CVE focuses has discrete divisions for electrical, teledata, technology services, systems integration, and service & specialty projects. They pride themselves on having quality employees who live up to their reputation and exceed industry standards when it comes to installations and infrastructure building.

24. Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$277 million

Company Size: 11-50

High Profile Projects: 4 Times Square – Broadcast Tenants, The Empire State Building – Broadcast Tenants, Amtrak – Wilmington Railroad Station; Marathon Detroit Refinery – Waste Water And Storm Water Treatment Plant

Company Description: Hatzel & Buehler, Inc., headquartered in Wilmington, DE, is one of the longest standing electrical contracting companies in our list. The firm has also been the longest continuous member of the NECA. Hatzel & Buehler specializes in construction, electrical design, integration, engineering, and maintenance. They have completed projects in broadcasting, datacenters, healthcare, industrial, higher education, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and more.

25. Morrow-Meadows Corp.

Revenue Estimate for 2018$158 million

Company Size: ~850 employees

High Profile Projects: Pomona College Millikan Lab, Riverside Convention Center, Glendale Animation Studio

Company Description: This full service electrical contracting company has its own in-house engineering department, data communications, and low voltage division. They cater all of their projects to meet the specific needs of each client and offer non-traditional project delivery methods. Morrow Meadows is a certified Woman Business Enterprise and their employees are a close-knit group that trust their clients first and foremost, and use the latest modeling tools to ensure successful solutions.