How Subcontractor Database Software Makes Your Life Easier

How Subcontractor Database Software Makes Your Life Easier

What is database software and can it help your subcontracting business? Database software provides file creation, data entry, updating, viewing/searching, and reporting functions. It’s the technical term for management software. Many subcontractors are adding software to their business because of all the functions it can handle. Managing projects, documents, and your business is easier with subcontractor database software.

Construction Database Software
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Document Control

Construction projects require a lot of paperwork and documenting the work performed or needed. From plans to purchase orders, subcontractors must create, manage and secure large amounts of paperwork. The benefit to subcontractor database software is that it can create and manage the documents for you. When you need a purchase order or a daily report, you can select the template and create the digital document in minutes. And it’s saved to the project file. This way you don’t have to worry about misplacing it, or accidentally losing it. It’s saved in your project files and accessible when you need it.

Ease of Information

Subcontractor database software that is hosted in the cloud makes information easily accessible. With everything saved in project files, all you have to do is search for the document title. Then it’s pulled up almost instantly. You can also attach documents to emails easily to distribute to stakeholders. This allows you to share information with everyone who needs it. You can also look at documents across a variety of devices and platforms. You can create a document on your phone and email it out. Then you can look at that document on your work computer or tablet. The ease of information and the ease of access is greatly beneficial to your business. It makes finding information much easier than the traditional paper method.

Assess Risks

With document creation, control, and ease of information it’s easy to identify risks. Risk assessment is important in construction. Because construction can be very risky in many ways. It’s not just physical risks, it’s also economic risks. Subcontractor database software can help to identify risks because documents can be easily accessed and tracked in various statuses (approved, delayed, etc.). It can definitely help assess potential financial or economic risks with a project. And can definitely help identify potential scheduling errors or overlap before it happens. It’s why subcontractor database software can make your life easier.

Integrate with Accounting

Subcontractor database software can integrate (pull and push flat files) to your accounting software saving a great deal of time. You can push your purchase orders, change orders, and employee timecards through without re-entering the information on the weekends. This way you don’t have to input anything by hand or multiple times. The phrase duplicated data entry is eliminated in the accounting department.  It increases accuracy and helps you get paid quicker.  It also helps control costs because you don’t have to pay someone to sort through all of the receipts and paperwork. This cuts down on overtime for your accountant and helps your business.

Increase Quality and Quantity

Quality and quantity of work is increased through it. This might seem to be an odd concept, but it’s true. With subcontractor database software it’s easier for your project manager and the teams he or she dispatches to projects. They can see all possible documents, past project information, and current projects. This helps them to plan and coordinate multiple projects at once with superior visibility. It helps avoid delays, aids communication, and reduces mistakes. All of the capabilities offered by subcontractor database software increase work quality. But it also helps to increase work capacity. With all of this information and proper scheduling, it will be easier for your business to take on more work. And with the increase in quality, your referrals for new business will go through the roof.

Develop and Grow Your Business

Subcontractors leveraging software specifically designed for their companies find it easier to complete projects within budget and on time. Because software allows for the project map to be shared on every level and communicated easily. This allows for everyone to be on the same page regardless of whether they’re an architect or the field worker. It promotes collaboration and efficiency.

Efficient businesses grow faster because they’re able to take on more work. And when they take on more work, they reach more people and improve profits.

Subcontractor Database Software Makes Managing Easier

Subcontractor database software aids management with increased visibility and standardization across the enterprise. It helps your business craft professional documents and share them easily. It can help schedule and manage employees and equipment to specific projects exactly when they’re needed. It helps everyone in the business from the field worker to the executive get on the same page. This, in turn, makes everyone’s lives easier and focused on improving productivity the quality of work performed.

Businesses have to grow and adopt new technology to stay competitive. It’s easier to adopt that technology when it clearly makes your life easier. Adding subcontractor database software to your toolbox only increases productivity and your profits. And with the added time and reduced stress in your day, you’ll have the energy to do more.