8 Ways Mechanical Contractors Can Scale Their Business with Contracting Software

8 Ways Construction Software can help Mechanical Subcontractors scale their business while also protecting profitability

8 Ways Construction Software can help Mechanical Subcontractors scale their business while also protecting profitability

As demand and workloads increase, it can be hard to maintain efficient levels of performance. Today, mechanical subcontractors are being tested by larger demand, making it difficult to scale their businesses and protect profitability. Mechanical subcontractors perform a range of duties relating to heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, piping and plumbing. Their job is extremely important as it contributes to a large part of creating and maintaining the functions of buildings. With growing businesses, scalability is key and fortunately, there are some tools that can make the job much easier.

Mechanical Subcontractors

Cloud-based construction software is slowly taking over the construction industry and it is offering features like you’ve never seen before. Whether you are a general contractor or a subcontractor, construction software streamlines day-to-day processes and improves efficiency across all levels making it the number one tool for your business.

Scaling a Business

There is a right time and a wrong time to scale up a business, and even a right and wrong way to go about it. A business that hires more workers and starts taking on more jobs but isn’t using up-to-date accounting or billing practices could find itself in hot water. If there aren’t enough people or there is the wrong system in place it’s more difficult to scale correctly. This can make it hard to have the available funds necessary to fuel the expansion.

Determine which costs are best for the business, before scaling the business. While in the long run owning large equipment can be less expensive than renting it, in the beginning that might not be the case. When first scaling up the business, it can be more prudent to choose to rent equipment because there aren’t the other associated costs. Maintenance can be a large expense on a business, especially one that is trying to scale up.

It’s also important to ensure that all overhead and fixed costs are associated to jobs worked. When scaling up, businesses don’t always think about overhead or fixed costs. However, these costs can make or break a business. When these costs are associated with jobs ensures that these aren’t costs that the business is eating. Many businesses fail when companies eat these costs associated with the jobs.

eSUB is one such construction software, offering numerous benefits for mechanical subcontractors. eSUB helps these subcontractors scale as they grow while also mitigating risk and protecting profitability.

So, how does eSUB help mechanical subcontractors?

  1. The mobile cloud-based software standardizes and streamlines communication and documentation all to one place. In addition, all of this communication is in real-time. This makes communication more efficient for mechanical contractors and helps them scale as they grow and maintain efficiency.

  2. It prevents wasting any time tracking down daily reports, time cards, documents, email, and texts. This helps scalability and prevents any lost profit from time delays.

  3. eSUB holds the field accountable by capturing real-time information. Real-time GPS tracking prevents any workers from fabricating their hours and keeps everyone on the same page. More accurate timecards mean no lost profit!

  4. It prevents things from slipping through the cracks. When dealing with paper documentation, forms can often get lost or misplaced. Construction software keeps track of all documentation so that you don’t have to worry about any of this. In addition, eSUB can send you alerts for when deadlines are approaching.

  5. eSUB prevents partially paid or unpaid change orders. Change orders can often be a long and arduous process, but construction software helps make it easier and ensures you are paid in full.

  6. It captures lost hours. This protects profitability and ensures that you get paid for all of your work.

  7. Construction software provides real-time reports including Cost to Complete, Percent Efficiency, and Lost Hours, providing two-way facing daily reports and change orders. This makes documentation more efficient while also protecting your profitability.

  8. It prevents disputes. eSUB’s streamlined communication and extensive documentation helps to mitigate risk and prevent any unnecessary disputes. Disputes cause tension in the workplace and can lead to project delays and nobody wants that.


As a mechanical subcontractor, scaling your business and maintaining profitability might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our tech-savvy world is offering more solutions than ever before and it’s time to start taking advantage of them. If you are looking for a way to start growing your mechanical subcontractor business and increasing your profits, consider integrating a cloud-based software solution. You won’t regret it!

How eSUB Can Help

eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform built especially for subcontractors. eSUB organizes all of your project information in one place, allows for smooth collaboration, and streamlines communication through its intuitive interface. It also works on your mobile, so you can track projects on the go—no matter where or when—and stay up-to-date.