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Why Software is the Most Important Construction Tool in the Market

Why Software is the Most Important Construction Tool in the Market

In every industry technology is rapidly changing how things are done and in many cases it makes the finished product better. But with an industry like construction where everything is dependent upon what humans can do and with effective preexisting systems in place, it can be hard to see how software would be a great benefit to the industry. Software is an invaluable investment and tool for any construction company, contractor, or subcontractor. There is software for everything from accounting and expense tracking, to fleet and production tracking, and field service and project management. While a business might not need every piece, incorporating a couple allows for an increase in productivity and profit.

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Track Expenses and Accounting

Businesses that incorporate accounting software can benefit from the different modules that sort accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as support payroll and inventory management. The software should allow users to enter vendor information information once entered so users can easily access vendor info regardless of how many times the vendor is used. It should also make it easier for businesses to keep track of inventory and billing to make operating the business easier. Many accounting software even have mobile apps which allow for users to track their expenses in real-time, which makes it easier to see how the project is faring and an invaluable construction tool.

Fleet and Production Tracking

Another invaluable software tool for a construction company is fleet tracking. The ability to track where vehicles or equipment are and who is using what helps lend accountability and prevent accidental loss or theft of company equipment. However, production tracking software can fill in where fleet tracking software leaves off. Production tracking software can document Requests for Information, change order requests, field notes and daily reports. Some software has corresponding mobile applications allowing for immediate in field reporting, especially if the unexpected happens. If the chosen construction software uses a cloud based operating system, then all of the information is available from any device within the company’s network. Meaning a business can track the progress of a specific task or overall project and schedule other jobs and tasks accordingly.

Jobsite & Field Service Management

With all of the moving pieces in any construction project, it’s important that any construction software has a mobile platform to document things as they come up, whether with pictures or notes. Using construction management software that has a mobile app allows for employees to create field notes, RFI’s, and even document issues that need change orders all from the site. Using cloud-based software has the added advantage of allowing everyone who needs it access to project information. They can view, in real-time, new and original documents to the project, can check for approval on change orders, and can even call, text or email from the app. This allows for all documents to be stored in one place, saving time and potentially money in the future should something come up.

Project Management

Some software on the market can also help with project management, from the time a project is acquired until the end. Construction management software can quickly build a project calendar and see how it fits into already existing schedules. It can also assign tasks to specific employees, log what was removed and the last job site it was seen, and use task data to estimate the amount complete, which allows for accurate scheduling. Real-time tracking of progress on a specific task or project also can help manage deliveries and resources. Knowing exactly when and where a specific item or person is needed and having an accurate estimated completion time per task helps a business grow because customer satisfaction on timeliness will only grow.

Construction software is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to grow their business. With all of the different applications available: from fleet and production tracking, to expense and accounting tracking, and even construction management, it’s hard to see why a company wouldn’t take advantage of the products on the market. The almost instantaneous and beneficial impact it will have will only help increase productivity and profit for any business taking advantage of construction software.

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