Integrate your accounting software to eSUB

eSUB construction management software is flexible to help your firm dramatically increase project accountability and efficiency. It's easy to connect your accounting software with eSUB.

Bringing Your Team Together

eSUB enables you to bring your team together through its integration features. Through connectors or flexible import/export capability, eSUB's Accounting integrations brings the accounting and operations teams together. You can now use your own trusted accounting ERP and processes in day-to-day project management without diluting control aspects.

eSUB’s project management solution can be used as an integrated administrative and managerial process. With the accounting integration, you will be able to manage your construction project and enhance project efficiency. Thanks to this real-time integration, your project team will have access to module reports and stay connected to real-time results all day long, no matter where they are.

Improving Team Communication

With eSUB’s integrated accounting software for construction companies, you and your team are able to synchronize foundational data, budgetary data, and transactional data such as purchase orders and change orders. Streamlining the flow of information between accounting and operations reduces manual data entry to deliver real-time access to financial information to improve communication and decision making.

Independent Yet Connected

You can now manage your projects with complete job costing data and other financial information without having to wait for the project accountant’s response, because the information is already updated and uploaded. With an accounting integration solution, your project’s team can move faster in execution with finer data support.

Integration With Full Control

With capabilities for all types of ERP, eSUB ensures complete control of sensitive databases within your finance office. For some, accounting integration can create doubt in regards to dilution of control or unwanted intervention. The flexibility of eSUB’s software enables you to decide what should be shared and with whom. With field mapping between eSUB and your accounting software, the project team can view crucial information for effective project management, while the project accountant continues to manage the accounting.

Data Accuracy and Security

Every project generates a large number of data from day-to-day operations. In most cases, the location of the project may be far from the business offices where the central finance and accounting offices are located. The distance, sometimes across state lines, can result in coordination difficulty, documentation delay, and inaccuracy. With a highly efficient and secure accounting integration solution, eSUB helps your business accurately record all project data into the accounting system without any waiting or cross-communication.


With its highly effective accounting integration solution, eSUB provides you and your team a more enjoyable and efficient experience managing your project, while also enhancing the overall quality, speed, and profitability of each project.