Heavy duty cell phone cases

The Six Best Heavy Duty Cell Phone & Tablet Cases for Construction Workers

The Six Best Heavy Duty Cell Phone and Tablet Cases for Construction Workers

Due to the rugged nature of their jobs, construction workers tend to break more phones than any other professionals. Since instant communication is mission critical to keep projects on schedule and the unpredictableness of work performed on the jobsite, workers need to have their phones working at all times. Also, the increasing reliance on mobile construction software makes the role of smart phones more crucial than ever before. To keep expensive smartphones safe and in peak condition, I selected some of the best phone and tablet cases.

The cases below are listed alphabetically and not by rank. They were chosen based on reviews, price, and performance.

1. Ballistic Hardcore Tactical

This is probably the toughest case out there, and it also has great reviews on Amazon. If you need a super sturdy case and are not worried about size, this is your best option.

Phone: All iPhones

– 12 feet of drop protection
– Protection against dirt, debris, and water
– Limited lifetime warranty
– Aircraft grade aluminum construction

– Hard to assemble and disassemble
– Flimsy waist clip

Price: $45.99

2. iThrough Waterproof Case

These cases offer protection to up to 20 ½ ‘ of water and allow users to take underwater photos. iThrough cases have spectacular reviews and keep you phone looking sleek.

Phone: Most iPhones, and Samsung Galaxies

– Thinner than all other cases on this list
– Allows for touch screen use underwater
– Photos can be taken underwater
– Very affordable

– Not the toughest case out there
– Inaccessible volume buttons

Price: $8.99

3. Lifeproof frē

Lifeproof is another company that makes a highly durable and waterproof yet slim fitting phone case. The case makes smart phones completely waterproof and guards them against almost any element.

Phone: iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and Droid Turbos

– Makes phone completely waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shockproof
– Slim design
– Doesn’t interfere with touchscreen
– One year warranty
– Long lasting

– Only works well with iPhones
– Hinders iPhone speaker performance
– Requires an extension cable for headphones
– Price

Price: Varies

4. Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox has been a long time used and trusted case brand by cell phone fanatics. They have been making cases since 1998 and are one of the most widely used brands by construction workers around the globe.

Phone: Almost all devices

– Drop, dust, screen, and scratch protection
– Belt holster
– One of the more durable cases
– One year warranty
– Compatible with wireless charging
– Fits well to phones
– Three piece system

– The screen protector can produce a glare
– Unsecure belt clip reported by some users
– Interferes with touch ID on iPhones
– Price

Price: Varies

5. WEKSI Shockproof Case

This case is probably your best option if you own a Samsung Galaxy. What makes this case unique is that protects your phone from grease, as well as dust, water, shock, and dirt.

Phone: Samsung Galaxies

– Works well with touch screen
– Affordable
– Slim fit
– Only 4 oz

– No ports for charging cables of headphones
– The case can be sticky
– Interferes with speakers

Price: $9.99

6. Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series

The UAG cases are a great option for any construction worker who wants to keep their phone slim but protected. The case features a rugged composite construction and shock cushions and is still light. Any worker that likes to keep his/her phone in their pocket should consider this case because of its slim design.

Phone: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and LG devices

– Impact resistant soft core
– Light composite construction
– Easy access to touchscreen and ports
– Slim Design

– Not waterproof
– Some users have reported that the case splits apart over time
– Price

Price: $39.95

If you are tired of bulky and sluggish ruggedized smartphones, tough cases have come to the rescue. These cases make it possible to protect your smartphone, yet, allow you to tap away on your mobile applications while on the job site.