Subcontractor Project Management Software: Tame Internal Chaos

Bring Order to Internal Chaos with Subcontractor Project Management Software

eSUB CLOUD subcontractor project management software provides the functionality and automation to capture and synchronize documents and data between the office to the field and vice versa, with transparent and accessible reporting that reins in the chaos, keeps projects on track, and minimizes surprises, billing disputes and the dreaded “free work.”

Disruption is the enemy of every subcontractor, whether the work is installing drywall or electrical conduit. Delays, unforeseen conditions and interruptions caused by other subcontractors are budget and deadline wrecking obstacles – also known as profit fade – as frustrating as they are common.

But if you’re tracking your projects in multiple systems that don’t speak to each other, or are still using a paper and Excel to communicate changes, problems and notes from the field, you’re overlooking an important hedge against the chaos.

With the right software and mobile app, subcontractors can stay ahead of the paperwork and the sheer volume of daily tasks, with at-a-glance reporting of key details, deadlines and costs.

eSUB CLOUD is a powerful subcontractor project management software tailored to the needs of the subcontractor. eSUB provides the tools contractors can use to eliminate profit-leak: tracking and monitoring projects, problems and deadlines and capturing the right information in real time to ensure that no work goes unpaid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digitization of timesheets saves time and effort, reduces lost forms, disorganized project files, and eliminates tedious manual processes.
  • Subcontractor project management software allows for streamlined change order management and expedited submittals.
  • eSUB CLOUD was built to simplify subcontractor tasks into a single platform, connecting the field to the office and providing comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to manage projects and teams.

Time Savings on Subcontractor Projects

There’s a common misconception that the construction industry is change-resistant, but it’s an assessment that misses the mark, as one of eSUB’s clients described in a webinar on construction project management for subcontractors.

“Construction is a commonsense industry; if a solution saves time, it’s not difficult for the field to adopt technology as a whole,” said Rick Tanner of the sprayed fireproofing and interior commercial construction contractor, Warco Construction.

Few workforce solutions save as much time and effort as the digitization of timesheets, which reduces lost forms, disorganized project files, and more, while eliminating tedious manual processes like spreadsheet tracking, that can lead to siloed, inaccessible and error-prone information.

eSUB CLOUD is built for collaboration and allows project team members to input time worked directly into files stored in the cloud platform. Upload photos, submit change orders, and manage your in-office and field teams all from a single platform with a mobile app for on-the-go access.

Flipping the Script on Change Orders

Many subcontractor project management software platforms are not tailored by industry; with a cloud-based platform like eSUB, subcontractors can leverage a program designed specifically for the way they work.

“It allows me to see change orders from 35,000 feet and 1 foot,” said Greg Malachowski, VP of Caston Construction Company. “It’s great from a project management and admin perspective.”

With difficult jobs, complex schedules and too many opportunities for miscommunication, eSUB makes it easy for your field team members to document issues onsite through a mobile app. Capturing documentation under a single, cloud-based platform helps to expedite submittals in a professional, detailed format.

“eSUB brings a unified appearance to everything we do,” said Tanner. “Everyone’s letterheads, field notes – everything that goes out looks the same.”

Not only does the eSUB Field Works Mobile App expedite previously paper-laden processes, it allows team members to collaborate from different locations – something that has proven useful for many teams throughout the pandemic.

Tame the Chaos with eSUB CLOUD

From disparate teams to cumbersome paperwork, eSUB subcontractor project management software simplifies subcontractor tasks into a single platform, connecting the field to the office. With an intuitive interface and high usability, eSUB provides comprehensive and easy-to-use tools to manage projects and teams with a consolidated, searchable cloud-based platform.

eSUB’s cloud-based subcontractor project management solution was designed specifically for construction subcontractors, giving them a real-time view and account of their workers, enabling efficient work management within an easy-to-use platform.

If you would like to improve your management processes so you don’t experience construction labor shortages, schedule a demo to learn how eSUB can help.

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