Mechanical Contractor Profit Fade

How a Mechanical Contractor Prevents Profit Fade

In the MCAA 2021 session “Inside View of a Mechanical Contractor’s Tech Stack,” Andy J. Egan Company’s technology director Chris Weaver discusses how his company prevents profit fade and maintains full visibility over all projects for all team members.

What Is Profit Fade?

Profit fade is the term used to describe a situation in which unanticipated costs, delays or other obstacles lead to shrinking profits over the course of a project. It’s a common problem for construction companies, as described by the industry publication Construction World, “because of the dynamic nature of the industry, with projects that are extremely time consuming and complex.”

The causes of profit fade are numerous but fall into two categories: hindered and unhindered. You can eliminate both with eSUB CLOUD project and field management software.

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The Andy J. Egan Company Tech Stack

Mechanical Contractor Tech Stack

The team at Andy J. Egan Company, a West Michigan-based mechanical contracting company, had been using spreadsheets and storing documentation on a shared drive. Team members spent a lot of time searching for documents. This led to friction between the foremen and the office. “I can’t find my info,” was a common complaint.

As the company grew, more people were involved in each project. Project managers would lose track of where everything was, especially when information was buried in spreadsheets. The company wanted a central technology platform that would provide a more holistic view of all projects to eliminate profit fade.

They wanted to retain control over their system and not just purchase everything on general contractors’ wish lists. Weaver wanted to create a system where team members could find what they needed, work with it and relay it to the next person – avoiding rework and surprises in the field while operating as efficiently as possible. The company implemented the following solutions:

  • eSUB CLOUD: project and field management software
  • BIM 360 DOCS: main document repository
  • Dado: natural language searchability across this tech stack

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