Scale Your Construction Firm

How to Scale Your Construction Firm With Mobile Technology

How to Scale Your Construction Firm With Mobile Technology


Mobile technology and cloud-based solutions are changing the landscape of the construction industry. Now companies can scale up and grow faster than ever before. A study conducted by Associated General Contractors found that almost 60% of construction companies already use or plan to use the cloud for their businesses. This percentage is only going to grow in the years to follow. The cloud allows construction companies to forego many start-up costs as well as decrease daily costs when they utilize mobile technology. Mobile technology is now enabling smaller companies to be able to take on large projects by allowing the company to be more productive with fewer resources.


Here are some ways to scale your construction firm with mobile technology:


Streamline manual processes

Mobile technology allows your construction team to be more productive throughout the day by eliminating time-consuming manual processes that come along with paper documentation. Workers are able to fill out reports and communicate to any other team members right from the field. This not only improves their productivity while on the jobsite, it also saves them time driving back and forth between the office and the field to turn in documents throughout the day.


Improve communication internally

Mobile technology not only allows for seamless communication within the field and within the office, but also bridges the gap between the field and the office. This full circle approach to communication ensures that everybody is on the same page and eliminates the lag of communication flow that comes from using outdated systems. Mobile technology also allows the project manager or any other stakeholder to check the status of an ongoing project and see the most updated information available. Mobile technology saves time and creates project transparency, which leads to less costly rework and mistakes.


Improve communication externally

The subcontractor not only has to communicate with his own team but also with external parties. Mobile technology allows the subcontractor to be in constant communication with all parties at any given time. This immediacy of communication helps the subcontractor to make faster, more informed decisions that will contribute to a project’s overall productivity.


Centralized documents

Mobile and cloud technology also stores all documents in a centralized database. Your construction team will no longer waste valuable time searching for or recreating paper documents that have gone missing. Mobile technology connected to the cloud stores all documents in a fully-searchable database, allowing any documents to be retrieved in seconds.


Standard documents

Mobile technology also allows your team to have standardized documents at their fingertips at all times. This will mean less time creating the form or document every time it is needed, and will also create a consistency that will keep everybody on the same page.


Reduce IT costs

 Cloud-based technology allows smaller companies to take advantage of the securities of cloud IT, which allows them to save money avoiding expensive in-house IT costs. This allows smaller companies to compete with the larger companies who benefit from economies of scale.



The cloud and mobile technology allow construction firms of all sizes do the very most with the amount of resources available to them. Scale-up your construction firm by utilizing mobile and cloud-based technology.