10 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Construction Technology

10 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Construction Technology

With the world becoming increasingly more mobilized, it is essential that construction companies recognize the importance of implementing mobile construction technologies within their businesses. The construction industry continues to evolve every year, which means that companies need a technology that will help them adapt to this constantly changing industry. Mobile tools give construction companies an integrated solution to improve their business across a wide array of areas, while also ensuring that they are keeping up with their competitors in the construction industry.

Avoid Costly Errors

Mobile Construction Technology

The use of paper forms and manual processes often leads to more errors and can be extremely costly for construction company owners. Physical paperwork is extremely time-consuming, can be hard to read and is often lost in the shuffle of everyday work. This can lead to miscommunication, project delays, payroll mistakes and many more issues. The use of mobile technology can help reduce these costly errors by streamlining everything into one place. Workers can submit their hours directly from the field, which avoids any payroll mistakes and they can directly communicate with other team members, which help them to finish the job as efficiently as possible.

Increase Revenue & Improve Customer Satisfaction

Implementing mobile technology saves you time and money, which makes you and your customer happy. Field workers can view technician history and notes, receive and create work orders, and create additional quotes, which helps work get done faster. With quicker and more accurate communication, companies make sure time is being spent efficiently, which increases savings and decreases the length of projects.

Decrease Liability Issues & Avoid Litigation

Mobile technology guarantees more accurate documentation within the field, which means a lower likelihood of incurring any legal trouble. For example, safety inspections are extremely important within the construction industry, but paper forms are unable to verify that safety inspections are performed at a specific time and place. This can put your company at risk for lawsuits and various other liability issues. Implementing mobile technology solves these issues by providing validated time and date stamps, as well collecting digital signatures. This gives you the peace of mind that your safety inspections are being completed accurately and efficiently. If any disputes arise later, this documentation can help settle any potential issues or legal action.

Increase Software Safety & Security

Going with cloud-based technology gives you the best protection possible. Many construction businesses that use their own server don’t realize that their systems may be compromised. This risks the safety and security of their company’s information because it leaves it vulnerable to malicious outsiders.  Mobile construction software has the company’s bestinterest at heart so that you can feel confident that your information is secure.

Always Stay Up-to-Date

Mobile construction software is hosted using cloud networks which mean companies will always stay up-to-date. Regular updates provide companies with new and updated features that make day-to-day work as efficient and seamless as possible.

More Flexible Documentation

Unlike paper forms, mobile apps provide the ability to customize documentation. Workers can modify and tailor work order forms so that they can include things such as specific customer requests and pricing for particular parts. On paper forms it is more difficult to modify paperwork and add additional information, leading to possible miscalculations and errors. Going mobile ensures that all documentation is complete and accurate, with the flexibility for your workers to add additional information.

Receive Customer Payments Faster

Cloud-enabled mobile technology ensures you get paid as fast as possible. Manual paperwork and invoices can often get misplaced, leading to a higher chance for errors and longer waits for payment. Using a mobile app allows workers to send invoices directly from their devices, which means invoices are submitted on time, and customer payments are received faster.

Increase Worker Accountability

The use of GPS tracking technology guarantees you know where your field technicians are at all times. Accountability within the field is often a problem because managers in the back office don’t know what their workers are really doing. GPS tracking gives project managers the ability to view real-time locations, which allows them to see how much time is spent on different construction sites, therefore increasing worker accountability.

Better Communication

Mobile construction technology gives you a better mode for communicating with all company personnel. Gone are the days of calling back and forth between the office and the construction site. The mobile app gives employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently so that they can receive fast responses in real-time.

Increase Mobility

Using a mobile app for documentation and communication gives workers the ability to always be on the go. For those who are constantly on the move, it can be almost impossible to keep track of documents and notes. With all information stored in one place able to be accessed from their mobile phone, field workers will enjoy a much easier and compact channel to communicate and document their work. This means less worrying about lost notes and paperwork and more focusing on getting the job done!

How eSUB Can Help

eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform built especially for subcontractors. It seamlessly integrates with leading construction software systems so you can easily switch from your current document system to a cloud-based system to upgrade your document process.

eSUB organizes all of your project information in one place, allows for smooth collaboration, and streamlines communication through its intuitive interface. It also works on your mobile, so you can track projects on the go—no matter where or when—and stay up-to-date.

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