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How to Optimize your Construction Calendar with Scheduling Software

How to Optimize your Construction Calendar with Scheduling Software

Estimating accurate project deadlines is no easy task. With so many factors involved in formulating a construction calendar, scheduling software helps make the process easier and more accurate. It optimizes organization, helps track current jobs, and keeps everyone on the same page at all times. As a subcontractor, scheduling software gives you all the tools you need right at your fingertips, ensuring you meet your deadline every time.

eSUB is one such software that is specifically designed and tailored to the needs of subcontractors. It streamlines the scheduling process, giving you the critical tools needed to get the job done.

Flexible Scheduling

Over the course of a construction project, there are hundreds of tasks to be completed. Scheduling, assigning and keeping track of each of these individual tasks can be difficult, especially when using binders or paper documentation. With eSUB scheduling software, it doesn’t have to be. eSUB allows users to choose each assignment start time and finish time while also logging the percentage competition of each assignment. The construction process is ever-changing and thus so is the schedule. Activities and schedules will need to be adjusted at some point, so it is important that these changes can be made and communicated accordingly. Flexible construction scheduling software and real-time updates ensure that everyone is aware of the progress of each task, while also making it easier to plan around that task.


With cloud-based scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about ever losing any documentation. The software allows you to attach any electronic document as supporting data. You can feel confident knowing that this data will always be there to back up your reports. All tasks and updates to your calendar will be processed immediately giving you and your team real-time updates. This prevents delays and enhances your schedule coordination. Gone are the days of miscommunication and task delays! Cloud technology keeps an open flow of communication between members in the field and members in the office. This means everyone is always on the same page

More Visibility

Scheduling software gives you visibility that you can’t get anywhere else. On eSUB’s platform, you can view your project schedule by day, week, month or traditional Gantt view. In addition, you can arrange jobs by the status of completion and track specific jobs by a crew member or entire team. It not only allows you to pinpoint any potential delays but shows you what tasks are your main priority as well. All of this gives you greater visibility into the progress of your project!

Accurate Calculations

As mentioned earlier, estimating timelines and determining a construction schedule can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, CPM scheduling simplifies the process for you. eSUB construction software offers this type of scheduling to help subs calculate a more accurate schedule. It does the hard work for you, determining when each task can be performed depending on its relationship to other tasks that need to be performed over the course of the project. Scheduling software can calculate this through analyzing the length that each task will take. Through doing this, an overall schedule and timeline are generated, giving you an estimated duration of the whole project. The more accurate this scheduling is, the less likely your project will end up delayed. As you can see, this is a HUGE advantage of construction scheduling software.


Optimizing your construction calendar will take time and money, but it is an investment that will prove well worth it. Scheduling software improves your estimations, planning, and forecasting, while also giving you a better and more holistic view of your project’s progress. As a subcontractor, you will lessen chances of delay, secure better profit margins and prove yourself as reliable to general contractors. With such an exceptional tool readily available, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity. The progress you will see in your day-to-day workplace will be unmatched. While no construction schedule is perfect, scheduling software can help make it close to perfect!


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