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The ability to deliver a project on time is critical to contractor performance and delays can cause serious financial damage. This is why effective construction project management for subcontractors is centered around a detailed schedule of all project’s tasks, task dependencies, and when tasks must be completed. eSUB’s construction scheduling software delivers critical path scheduling capabilities to help you effectively meet project milestones and deadlines.

Construction Scheduling Software

Managing commercial construction projects involves completing a complex set of tasks within a defined timeframe and budget. Subcontractors utilize a number of different strategies to break down and simplify those complex sets of tasks and deliverables into smaller, more manageable components. Whether the list of tasks and deliverables is used in a work break down structure for estimating or Gantt chart for scheduling, eSUB Construction Software incorporates best practices into its construction management software.
eSUB Scheduling combines critical path scheduling software with the ease of use and accessibility of cloud-based technology. Visualization of task, dependencies, progress, and relative timelines empowers construction project manager to make adjustments to resources and scheduling in order to meet deadlines.


Critical path scheduling to effectively manage resources


Visually seeing the dependencies of tasks promotes stronger collaboration


Quick view into the progress of project provides accountability

Critical Path Method – In construction scheduling, many subcontractors utilize the critical path method. The critical path method of scheduling delivers a detailed listing of all milestones and tasks with approximate start and finish dates. In the construction industry, some tasks can be conducted concurrently, while the majority of tasks for trade contractors occur in a sequential process. This is where the critical path method becomes extremely helpful for trade contractors in breaking down the tasks, duration of tasks, and dependencies to determine the critical path. Any delays on the project schedule have the potential to delay the entire construction process, so proactive project managers can make adjustments in resources to keep projects on schedule.
Critical path and task dependencies in esub construction scheduling software
For example, for electrical contractors rough-in must be completed prior to wire pull so those are set as interdependent tasks. eSUB Project Scheduling software delivers Gantt Chart and Critical Path Scheduling capabilities within its construction project management software. This allows subcontractors to manage into to help project managers coordinate task management more effectively.

Manage Tasks and Dependencies - Scheduling in commercial construction projects is a complex process. There are large amount of tasks and many tasks are dependent on other tasks prior to starting. Managing those tasks and dependencies in timely manner is critical in order to stay on schedule. Through eSUB Scheduling, users can easily create tasks and milestones accordingly. The tasks can be set to occur concurrently or linked to highlight their dependent relationship. When certain tasks take longer to complete, eSUB Scheduling Software allows users to view the dependent relationships and how delays affect the entire schedule and where you can make up for the difference.
In many instances, the schedule becomes a critical piece of documentation when a subcontractor must prove how a delay may have impacted their performance. For example, if a task on the critical path was delayed by another trade, this affects your start and completion date. You will need to be able to reference your original schedule which is why eSUB Schedule can be an essential risk mitigation tool.

Progress Tracking – One of the key tasks of a project manager is to track status and provide periodic updates to the management team on project progress. As a centralized cloud-based construction scheduling software solution, eSUB Scheduling keeps everyone on the same page. Project Managers can easily adjust the slider to track the progress of tasks in terms of percent completion. Project team members with appropriate level of security and access can view the schedule to get real-time updates or the Project Managers can export the schedule to share accordingly.
Easy to use – Planning project timelines does not have to be time consuming and overwhelming work, and eSUB Scheduling is job scheduling made easy. Project managers can copy schedules from previous projects of similar size and scope. Tasks, dependencies and durations are copied from one project to the next to save valuable time. If any delays occur on a specific task, users of eSUB Scheduling can adjust task duration and project plan changes by dragging the slider. And then based on the relationship of the dependent tasks, those tasks will be adjust automatically as well.

“Easy to enter new jobs and setup a timeline.”
Sara Murray, Paving and Concrete


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eSUB Construction Scheduling Software

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"Good Job!!!"

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4/5 Stars

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"Very easy to use , Provides all information required in one location."

5/5 Stars

"The learning curve is short, works as expected, Daily reports, Scheduling of resources, are just a few to mention. it allowed us to get rid of Binders and everyone who has permission can get the information required."

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