How to Find Construction Project Leads for Your Electrical Contracts in a Competitive Market

How to Find Construction Project Leads for Your Electrical Contracts in a Competitive Market

Construction projects have a variable lifecycle from two weeks to two years. When one project completes, another one is just beginning. Growing construction companies enjoy a steady stream of projects to keep the momentum going and revenue flowing. In order to develop a healthy pipeline of projects your team must always be on the lookout for construction project leads. In a competitive market for electrical contracts, construction project lead sourcing efforts should be divided between inbound and outbound tactics.

Outbound tactics for scouring construction project leads

General Contractors

A solid source for finding electrical project leads is general contractors. More often than not, it is the general contractors who receive the awards for projects. General contractors have their go-to subcontractors, but if that sub is busy, they reach deep into their arsenal of contacts for suitable replacements. Become part of their arsenal of subcontractors and a great source of project leads will open. The next thing you know you can bump your way up to become their go-to electrical contractor rather than their backup.

Fellow Electrical Contractors

It’s easy to view other electrical contractors as your competition. However, your competition can become a lead source. Sometimes the scope of a project increases or the owner/general contractor has accelerated the project schedule. In that case, you are a fellow electrical contractor will need to subcontract a portion of the work in order to meet deadlines. It makes more sense to subcontract the work to a fellow electrical contractor rather than hire more crewmembers – especially in a tight labor market. Similar to your General Contractors, the next thing you know you can become their go-to subcontractor when your fellow electrical contractor is in a bind.

Bidding platforms

The internet has paved the way for online bid boards. Some platforms provide free access and some platforms have monthly subscriptions. You log in to the website, search for projects, and even receive email notifications on new projects listed. For those that have monthly or annual subscription costs, it may sound like an expensive way to generate construction project leads. However, if one lead turns into an eventual project, then that investment pays off in dividends.  This article talks in depth about several of the leading construction bidding platforms that you can explore.

Inbound marketing tactics to make construction project leads come to you


Having a good website is the best tool you can have in your marketing toolbox. You can display a portfolio of projects that you recently worked on to demonstrate your craftsmanship. Additionally, a blog on your website will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in your trade. When someone searches for an electrical contractor in your area, your website will come up in his or her internet search. There are a lot more things you can do to increase your search rankings that can be read about in this blog post. The important thing is to have a website that reflects your expertise and craftsmanship so you are at the top of the list of folks looking for an electrical contractor.


Reviews and Referrals

The majority of businesses rely on word-of-mouth reviews and referrals to grow their business. Treat your best customer as the source for your next 10 customers. Ask them to keep you in mind for future projects or refer you to others in their network. When those 10 customers then review and refer you to their 10 friends, watch your construction project leads grow exponentially. It is important to always do your best work. Just as quickly, as positive reviews can help your business grow, the reverse is also true. Negative reviews can quickly shrink your project leads and damage your reputation.

Think about the last time you went to a restaurant. Did you conduct an internet search and read their reviews. Have negative restaurant reviews swayed you to select a different restaurant? The same goes for electrical contractors.


Just as there are pay-for-play outbound tactics, there are pay to play inbound tactics. Advertising your electrical services in targeted websites or publications like neighborhood newsletters or even youth sports sponsorships can drive construction project leads to your businesses. The rates and costs will vary. Similar to online bidding platforms, when on one lead from advertising turns into an eventual project, then that investment pays off in dividends.

Electrical contracting is a competitive market. It may seem tough to compete and have your company standout. With a focused effort on delivering high quality work within cost and time estimates,  your work should be able to stand on its own as your business’s calling card.

How eSUB Can Help

eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform built especially for subcontractors. It seamlessly integrates with leading construction software systems so you can easily switch from your current RFI process to a cloud-based system to upgrade RFI process.

eSUB organizes all of your project information in one place, allows for smooth collaboration, and streamlines communication through its intuitive interface. It also works on your mobile, so you can track projects on the go—no matter where or when—and stay up-to-date.

FAQs for Finding Construction Project Leads for Electrical Contracts

1. Why is it important for electrical contractors to find construction project leads in a competitive market?

  • In a competitive market for electrical contracts, a steady stream of construction project leads is essential to maintain revenue and business growth. Electrical contractors need a healthy pipeline of projects to ensure their business’s sustainability and profitability.

2. What are some outbound tactics for sourcing construction project leads?

  • Outbound tactics include:
    • Building relationships with general contractors who often receive project awards and may need subcontractors.
    • Collaborating with fellow electrical contractors who might require subcontracting services when facing increased project scope or accelerated schedules.
    • Utilizing online bidding platforms, some of which offer free access or paid subscriptions, to find and bid on projects that match your expertise.

3. How can I use inbound marketing tactics to attract construction project leads to my electrical contracting business?

  • Inbound marketing tactics include:
    • Establishing a professional website that showcases your portfolio and demonstrates your expertise through a blog.
    • Encouraging reviews and referrals from satisfied customers, as positive word-of-mouth can significantly boost your reputation and lead generation.
    • Exploring advertising opportunities in targeted websites, publications, or sponsorships to drive potential project leads to your business.

4. Why is having a professional website important for attracting construction project leads?

  • A well-designed website serves as a valuable marketing tool, allowing you to display your project portfolio, showcase your craftsmanship, and demonstrate your expertise. It also helps potential clients find your business through online searches, improving your visibility and attracting leads.

5. How can I effectively leverage reviews and referrals to generate construction project leads?

  • Encourage your satisfied customers to refer you to others in their network and keep you in mind for future projects. Positive reviews and referrals can quickly multiply your project leads. Conversely, negative reviews can harm your reputation, so maintaining high-quality work is crucial.

6. What are some pay-to-play advertising tactics that can help generate construction project leads for electrical contractors?

  • Pay-to-play advertising involves investing in targeted online platforms, publications, or sponsorships to reach potential clients. Costs vary depending on the chosen medium. When even one lead from advertising turns into a project, it can result in a significant return on investment.

7. How can eSUB assist electrical contractors in managing construction project leads and project information?

  • eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform designed specifically for subcontractors. It simplifies project organization, collaboration, and communication. With eSUB, you can efficiently manage project information, collaborate with your team, and stay updated on project progress. It also integrates with leading construction software systems to enhance your project management capabilities.