Construction Dust Control Tips

Construction Site Dust Control: Tips for Keeping a Clean Job Site

Construction Site Dust Control: Tips for Keeping a Clean Job Site


When it comes to working in construction, you have to be ready to get dirty. Whether you’re renovating a building or constructing a new house, dust and dirt are part of the job. When there is an excess of dust and dirt traveling through the air though, it can become dangerous for your workers’ health. Thankfully, there are a few strategies you can implement to help control dust and dirt on your site.


Before you begin a project, it is important to come up with a strategy of how you plan to contain the dust on site. By taking cautionary measures beforehand, you can lessen the cleanup you have to do at the end.


Below I will give a few tips for keeping a cleaner job site.


Prep your site

Prepping your site can vary depending on the type of project. One popular way of containing dust is to place plastic sheeting on the floors and ceilings of your workplace. These sheets help contain any dust that comes about as a result of construction. The best part? They’re quick and easy to take down and clean up.


Another option for prepping your site is sticky plastic sheeting. The sticky sheeting gives a different type of protection and is available for hard surfaces and carpets.


Accessory kits can also help site dust control through zipper closures. These zipper closures are very useful in keeping the dust contained in one area. An alternative to accessory kits is painters tape and pre-taped drop cloths.


Work in open areas

If possible, trim and cut materials outside. This will help you avoid inhaling dust because it’s less concentrated. If you are cutting materials in a small enclosed space, you are much more likely to inhale dangerous dust particles.


Consider using a low-dust joint compound

Low-dust joint compounds help to reduce the amount of airborne dust. Instead of floating through the air, the low-dust joint compounds fall on the floor where you are working. This makes it much easier to clean up afterward.


Water is a commonly used method for construction site dust control. It’s also extremely cheap so it can save you money as opposed to other methods. Depending on your site, you should apply water at least three times a day to control dust.


Chloride is a unique method that helps combat dust problems. It has special properties that allow it to retain moisture for long periods, thus helping to hold the dust down.


Sweep Equipment

Sweep equipment is commonly used for highways and roads. While the equipment does help clean debris, it can although make problems worse by increasing the amount of airborne dust.



Although preparation and containment are important control measures, cleanup is just as important. Investing in a shop vacuum may be worth your while as they have a double filter system. This keeps the dust in the vacuum and out of your lungs.



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