remote construction site monitoring

How to Leverage Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

General contractors and project managers oversee job sites to ensure that all aspects of the job are running smoothly. Often the project manager has multiple construction projects running, and they may not all be in the same area. It is not easy to monitor these sites when the project manager can only be in one place at a time. This is where remote construction site monitoring comes into play. Remote monitoring helps to improve quality, lower turnaround times, handle major issues faster, and in doing so, increase profits. This new technology can enable the general contractor or project manager to oversee every job site at once, and from a distance.

Considering the current times and the global pandemic, setting up these technologies can be very beneficial to both workers and managers. Remote monitoring is up and coming with all the new technology available, but it is especially crucial during the global pandemic. With new social distancing laws, fewer people will be allowed on a job site at once. This distancing is to keep everyone involved safe. Due to this, traveling around to different job sites and monitoring each of them could prove to be more difficult. To ensure a job site runs smoothly, you have to get close and evaluate every aspect of the project. Remote monitoring can assist with doing so while keeping a safe distance.

Remote Construction site monitoring
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Internet Access

The first step to remote monitoring your job site is to ensure that the location has internet access. This can come in the form of a satellite, mobile hotspot, or a fixed broadband system. Most systems require a connection, so the job site must be internet capable. Next, it is essential to decide which form of surveillance will work best for your needs. Remote monitoring can be costly, and so you must select the right technology for the job site.

Surveillance Camera

A common form of a monitoring system is the surveillance camera. Surveillance cameras have improved exponentially since their creation, and now there are all sorts of different cameras with different functions available. Technology has advanced and enabled these monitoring systems to be wireless and to be controlled remotely. Some other functions include shooting time-lapse video as well as live video or HD depending on the surveillance system. All this footage can be directed to a smartphone or tablet so the project manager can view and monitor the job site. Finding the right monitoring software can make a difference when keeping track of all the information being relayed.

remote construction site monitoring
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Another way to monitor the job site from afar is by using GPS systems. GPS systems are used to track heavy machinery and its usage. The GPS is embedded in the machinery and tracks not only the physical location but also the amount of time the machine has been used. It also keeps track of how fast the machine is moving and when to schedule maintenance. All this tracking information enables the project manager to ensure that the equipment is being used properly. It also can help to view if the machine is not functioning correctly, that way, you can catch major issues ahead of time. GPS systems can also work to keep the machines from being stolen from the job site. With real-time alerts, there is more of a likelihood that you could save construction equipment before it is stolen.


Drones can be useful if you need to view an area where access may be dangerous. Since drones have a sky view, they can capture rooftops, high rises, or give a different perspective of the area. Some drones can do UAV mapping, which is where the photographs taken by drones are used to create 2D and 3D maps of construction sites. This can give project managers information such as elevation of an area, and use this information when making decisions.

remote construction site monitoring
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Different monitoring services are available to help project managers, owners, and general contractors to keep track of their ongoing projects. This technology can give more real-time information and, in the long run, increase productivity and profitability. As social distancing guidelines continue, utilizing remote construction site monitoring will keep you on track while still maintaining a social distance. If you have not transitioned already, now is a great time to take advantage of this technology so that everything is set up for future projects.

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