8 Tips for World of Concrete Success

8 Tips for World of Concrete Success

8 Tips for World of Concrete Success


World of Concrete is just a week away. The whole event can seem a little daunting, but these 8 tips should help you relax and enjoy your time there.

World of Concrete Tips

1. Go With a Plan

World of Concrete is a huge event. With over 1400 exhibitors, 140 seminars and 650,000 square feet, the event is physically massive. That’s why World of Concrete developed an app. Now visitors can mark which booths they want to visit and seminars they want to attend. The app highlights booths you want to or need to visit so you can plan the best route. With that in mind, you should leave the exhibition feeling like you accomplished what you wanted.


2. Wear the Right Shoes

World of Concrete is an all-day event. And by the end of the day, your feet and back will hurt if you don’t wear the right shoes. The right shoes will depend on the person since everyone’s feet are different. But, if you don’t have a pair of shoes for all day walking it’s time to hit up your local walking or running store. Getting the perfect fit for your walking shoes will guarantee your feet and back will be more comfortable at the end of the day. And make walking around World of Concrete easier for the whole week.


3. Sunblock and Jackets

Las Vegas is a desert. And it should have highs in the upper 50’s and lows in the upper 30’s. Regardless of the temperature outside, it will still be sunny. Make your trip easier by bringing your sunglasses and hat. Especially if you’re prone to headaches or sunburns. If you’re going to be outside most of the day, sunblock might help. And if you’re planning on being out after sunset, it’s a good idea to bring a jacket. While plenty of the event is indoors, if you’re walking to and from your hotel it might be chilly.

4. Consider Snacks and Water

All of that walking and learning will make you hungry and thirsty. Slipping a granola bar or two into your jacket pockets will help you stay focused as you make your way around. But hunger isn’t the only thing to worry about with World of Concrete. Dehydration is an issue at events and in the desert. Instead of buying an expensive bottle of water every time you’re thirsty, bring your own bottle and fill it. , There are many different collapsible water bottles available. They fold up to fit in your pocket and unfurl when you need them. That way you don’t have to carry around a bulky water bottle.


5. Bring Back Up Power

The convention center has a limited number of plugs, and roughly 55,000 people attending. That being said, it’s likely you’ll need to charge an electronic at least once during World of Concrete. Backup portable chargers offer you the ability to charge your device anywhere. This way you don’t have to sit near an outlet while a device charges. You’re still given the freedom to move about World of Concrete, and you won’t lose power.


6. Check World of Concrete Schedules

Complications happen throughout the day. While hopefully everything you want to go to stays on schedule, life happens. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the schedule as seminars you want to go to approach. So if the room is changed or it’s canceled, you’ll know before you get there. You’ll also be able to map out the quickest route from wherever you are to the seminar room. This’ll also help you stay on time and even plan out your day better.


7. Bags for Swag

Many booths will have swag just for visiting their booth. That’s why it’s important to have a place to put their swag. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit up a booth that’s giving away bags. However, to be safe on the first day, you should bring a bag. Whether it’s a reusable grocery back, or a small backpack, that way you don’t lose any of the free stuff. Bringing a bag also ensures you a place to put a water bottle, snacks, and anything else you feel you’ll need on the showroom floor.


Introduce Yourself

First and foremost, World of Concrete is about having fun and making connections. Introduce yourself to those around you in any seminars you take or on the floor. Reconnect with old acquaintances. With all the seminars, demonstrations, and events at World of Concrete, it’s easy to be swept up in the hustle and bustle. Connecting with industry leaders and industry professionals as interested in this as you are is just icing on the cake. Hopefully, these tips will help you to worry less about the exhibition and focus on all the cool parts of your trip.


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