Writing Perfect Business Emails

Writing Perfect Business Emails for Contractors

Writing Perfect Business Emails for Contractors

Successful communication between the commercial subcontractor and the general contractor is essential for carrying out a project within the deadline. As a subcontractor, you can make this type of communication much more efficient if you know how to write a great business email. With the following tips, you’ll be able to compose business emails for contractors that will get you quick and clear responses.

Greet the contractor professionally

Using the appropriate greetings when coming in contact with someone you are working with will help you make sure that they have a good impression of you. Using professional and respectful means of greeting them will show them you respect them and value your business relationship.

Non-professional greetings should only be used in certain, specific circumstances. For example, use “Dear (name)” or “Hello” and avoid “What’s Up” or “Howdy.” You can use “Hi” only when you know the person well. This will help you gain respect from the people you work with and present a professional image.

Add an appropriate subject line

A subject line is the part of the email that depicts what the contractor can find in the body of the email. If you wish for your emails to be better received by stakeholders, especially the contractor you work with, you will have to pay attention to the subject line you choose.

The main rule you will have to follow is that it has to be short yet informative. Avoid using words you that are unrelated to the topic and stick to the main point of the email. Be very precise and specific with your intentions in your emails. A good subject line will also help create a sense of urgency, which will motivate the contractor to take a look at your emails on time.

Address the person by their name

Another essential part of writing a professional business email is making the person you’re coming in contact with feel comfortable. While staying professional and respectful should be your number one priority, it is a good idea to personalize your emails.

Always refer to the general contractor and other key stakeholders in your emails by name.  Being personable helps build trust and transparency and can foster a positive image of you that you are committed to open communication; therefore, being a team player.

Business Emails for Contractors
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Be direct

Addressing the issue from the very start of the email is only going to work to your advantage, as the receiver will know you mean business and you’re not aiming to waste their time. Something to reference is the BLUF technique.

Otherwise known as Bottom Line Up Front, the BLUF is essentially a paragraph that consists of conclusions and recommendations that would typically be placed at the end of the email. In this instance, you are putting this paragraph at the beginning of the email to make sure that the GC you are trying to reach understands the point of your email.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Even if you’ve spoken over the phone with the GC, you are sending the email to, writing “I’m ready to start” can be confusing. You might feel excited and ready to start your collaboration, but you should always find ways to express that while still sounding professional.

Jumping to conclusions about when you will start the collaboration or next meeting can cause tension to the other person, so always re-confirm the details spoken on the phone in notes and suggested next steps.  Demonstrate enthusiasm, but don’t jump to conclusions.

Add a signature with contact details

If it is the first time you are contacting someone through email, you should always make sure that they have alternate ways to reach out to you apart from just your email. In some cases, a phone call or a Skype call can be a lot more effective, especially when working with someone you haven’t met before in real life.

Adding your personal and company’s contact details at the end of the email (in an email signature) will demonstrate to the person that you are serious about your communication. This will help present a more professional image.

Writing Perfect Business Emails
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Check the email for errors

Another thing you will have to be careful of when writing a professional business email is the grammar and spelling errors you might accidentally miss. While these might not seem like a deal, you need to keep in mind that they can degrade the quality and importance of your email and make you appear less professional. If you can’t prevent grammar errors in a simple email, can you prevent errors on an expensive commercial construction project?

The best thing you can do is to utilize some of the many tools that can be found online, which can help you polish your email content. Tools such as Hemmingway Editor can help you correct your grammar and spelling mistakes easily and platforms such as Top Writers Review can help you pick a reliable writing service for your needs. Grammarly is another great source that you can load on your computer that can help edit business emails for contractors while you create them.

Use the right tools

Keep in mind that there are other tools apart from writing tools that can help make your email writing process a lot easier. Project management platforms such as eSUB offer standardized communication forms to streamline the process of putting a business email together and this can save a lot of time and effort from your side.

Such forms can help you save time and learn how to complete the process of writing business emails for contractors without putting too much thought into them. The easier it is for you to communicate with your stakeholders, the more efficiently you will be able to manage your conversations and achieve faster responses. Along with that, you will also be able to effectively track your projects and see how well everything is performing.


Writing effective business emails for contractors will help you be on good terms with general contractors, and this will allow your work on a project to move smoothly. Communication is essential in all collaborations, and a well-written email will always work in your favor.

I hope these tips will help guide you in ensuring that your business emails for contractors are always of the best quality. In the end, it’s about using the right tools to make your job easier rather than spending too much energy on learning how to create a great business email from scratch.

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