Top 10 Reasons Cloud Construction Software Can Revolutionize Your Construction Business

eSUB Cloud Construction Software is transforming how subcontractors perform work, so we decided to list the top 10 reasons your firm should consider adopting cloud construction software and document control platform that is not only designed for the subcontractor but offers you the ability do more work, with the same resources to get paid. On every project. But, it’s not that simple so below are several common scenarios to make the argument greater and more convincing to move.

Cloud Construction Software

Is there a disconnect between the office and the field?

eSUB Capability: eSUB’s Field Works Mobile App. The field can use the mobile app to create Daily Reports and Field Notes allowing information to be quickly accessible by the office.

The Mobile App makes it easy to communicate between the office and the field in real time. A complete document management system stores and shares all project related Information to both the field and the office with standardized and centralized project data. Whether working online or offline, all information will synchronize automatically.

Workers can quickly enter information into eSUB using our native apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The Mobile App replaces paperwork and other forms of manual entry in products like Excel or other antiquated methods commonly seen. Daily Reports and Field notes are created effortlessly and with great detail, saving time and money. Creates complete transparency between the field and the office.

Having difficulty with Labor tracking and efficiencies?

eSUB Capability: Set eSUB reminders to keep you on task for what needs to be completed. Milestones/Meeting Minutes.

As your company continues to grow and take on more and more projects, it becomes easier and easier for important tasks to be forgotten or fall through the cracks. When tasks are not followed up on promptly, your entire project can be thrown behind schedule. You can rely on eSUB to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Our solution provides accountability by assigning tasks and setting reminders for those tasks. eSUB automatically sends reminder emails each work day until the reminder is read and acknowledged by the recipient. The result is faster completion of tasks/goals which in turn leads to more rapid completion of projects. These reminders allow you to create a sense of urgency for all parties involved.

How are you addressing Risk Management?

eSUB Capability: Field Notes, Daily Reports and other daily documentation to CYOB.

We want you to get paid for everything that you do. Our clients will tell you that using eSUB got them there. It’s a simple concept. If we can make it easy enough for you to document everything pertinent to the project and the work performed, we can help you to get paid for it. Even the best teams struggle to gather every bit of information.

As deadlines begin to loom closer and closer, it can be more and more challenging to keep up with the documentation. eSUB’s capturing of data is so simple that it becomes easy for subcontractors to capture every detail of the work they are doing.

How do you avoid Claims?

eSUB Capability: eSUB’s Correspondence Toolbox has different forms to protect against unexpected delays or project changes. eSUB Documentation Control.

Let’s face it. Sooner or later almost every subcontractor is put between a rock and a hard place with their GC. You are trying to get paid for work completed, and the GC seems like they are trying to avoid paying at all. Sometimes you settle for a fraction of what you are owed because the work wasn’t properly documented and approved. Other times you might end up filing a claim in an attempt to get paid what you are due. Either path can damage your relationship with the GC and have significant negative impact on your profitability for that project.

eSUB has a decade’s old history of assisting sub-contractors to get paid for the work that they do. Now we have incorporated all of those processes and best practices into a cloud construction software platform for you. Let eSUB help you to maximize your profits.

Are you missing deadlines and deliverables?

eSUB Capability: Set eSUB reminders to keep you on task for what needs to be completed. The Correspondence Toolbox might also be used if following up with the contractor. Scheduling.

Imagine sending a letter to a GC on a large project reminding them of all the RFI’s that remain unanswered. The eSUB platform incorporates all of these processes and best practices to help you stay on schedule and eliminate any ambiguity in the work you do to get paid.

How long would it take you to look up the information?
Do you even have the ability to track them?

Now imagine trying to compile all of that information into a single letter for the General Contractor.

eSUB eliminated onerous correspondence tasks like this one. With the click of your mouse, you can take advantage of our Correspondence Toolbox to send such a letter with absolutely no effort of your own other than to select the project in question. The rest is automated.

The Correspondence Toolbox comes loaded with numerous pre-formatted and legally advised documents for situations like this one. It also allows you to add additional correspondence of your design. Save time, drive results, shorten cycles, and increase profits.

Cloud Construction Software – Central repository of information

eSUB Capability: eSUB’s two-way email integration enables you to store all information for a project. All files and email communications can be easily tracked and available in the cloud.”

The backbone of eSUB is a centralized database of information that houses all relevant information on all of the projects that you work on. Gone are the days of searching for lost documents, lost receipts, lost notes, field reports, or timecards. There is no need to wonder whose hard drive, notebook, or camera something might be stored on.

There is no longer the need to send Excel spreadsheets back and forth. eSUB’s database stores and indexes all data by project/date/time. Everyone knows exactly where all documentation is virtually located. Think of the hours that will be saved when this is all automated for you. All information will be available to all employees regardless of their location.

Dealing with lost emails?

eSUB Capability: Send all project-related emails to stakeholders and automatically store them in your eSUB account. Leverage eSUB’s Email integration. (Email log per document) and Binding service.

eSUB’s email integration expands the universe of necessary data that will reside in your centralized eSUB database. All email correspondence between any of your employees and any of your GCs will be captured and stored by project within eSUB. A complete record of all correspondence can serve to resolve conflicts before they arise, or if it becomes necessary, to provide supporting evidence in any legal dispute that might come.

You will no longer need to search employee inboxes/outboxes to collect relevant information. Emails might be inadvertently deleted off of someone’s inbox, but you will always have a record of it in eSUB!

Double entry with accounting

eSUB Capability: eSUB connects with QuickBooks, Sage 100, and Sage 300. Time from eSUB can be pushed into any accounting system that accepts a flat file.

eSUB recognizes that information doesn’t stop once it has been stored in our centralized database. You may have other systems that rely on the same information found in eSUB. Many of our users rely on integration from eSUB into their accounting platform. This integration eliminates duplicate entries and human errors, so that information flowing into your accounting platform is more accurate.

eSUB’s integrations cover a wide variety of accounting packages and include a wide range of features. Some people are most interested in capturing timecard data and getting it into their payroll. Others are interested in more detailed integrations.

All of our integrations save you time and money!

Leaving money on the table due to undocumented changes

eSUB Capability: Change Order Module, Field Notes, RFIs with Email Integration help document the changes and protects your profits Notice of Indirect Cost.

Undocumented changes almost always result in a GC who doesn’t want to pay for the work you have done. eSUB’s method for documenting everything from RFI’s, Submittals, Change Orders and Purchase Orders is so quick and easy that your teams will embrace the process. As a result, you will have irrefutable documentation to support the work you have done and the money you are owed. Our goal is to make sure that nothing remains undocumented. While we can’t control your employee behavior, we can make the system so easy that users love it and use it.

Complete flexibility and security

eSUB’s a highly configurable and secure solution that is designed to make collaborating easier with less administration required. Because eSUB is mobile and cloud-based, there’s no software to install and no costly or specific IT infrastructure to buy. All business-critical applications are deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure, and risk-reducing manner. A flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control.

The construction jobsite and subcontractor’s needs for office and field staff to be on the same page is crucial to remaining profitable and competitive. Mobile and Cloud Technology is changing the landscape for construction subcontractors, so it’s time to build a better tomorrow. Now.

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