Construction Machinery

What Machinery Every Construction Site Needs to Have

Every construction site needs machinery to build, adapt and maintain a safe and productive working environment. Of course, most of the equipment depends on the type of construction and the extent of the project. Heavy machinery is serious and needs professional handling, as well as appropriate safety measures in place. Since specific actions require the same equipment on most construction sites, I have assembled a list of relevant machinery every construction site needs to get the job done safely and efficiently.


Construction Machinery


Every building has a foundation which must be strong to endure the natural disasters and hold the structure in its place. Also, commercial and residential buildings all have sublevels which are mostly used for parking lots or storage. This means that before you start building, you have to excavate the surface no matter the type of soil.


Diggers or excavation machinery is specifically designed to dig on any terrains no matter how troubling. Even after using heavy blasting to shatter certain materials like stone, you still need to dig through the rubble.  Equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders and other similar machinery are the ones you will see the most at any construction site.



Loaders and movers

Some of the materials you will have to load manually onto the trucks, but other will be too heavy and robust for that. Loaders are machinery that will collect the rubble and transfer it to the transporters while saving time and energy of your workers. Backhoe loaders are the most common machinery and are both used for digging and loading if needed.


Crawler loaders are the combination of excavator and backhoe and are perfect for almost any type of terrain. They collect the material and then load it onto trucks or can simply move the dug soil from one place to another. No matter the construction project, loaders, and movers are an essential part of the site since they help fill in the holes, or remove the rubbish to clear out the terrain.



Big trucks are part of the construction business since the time they used horses and not engines. Materials used on the site are robust and it takes large quantities to finish the project. Trucks are ideal for transporting the materials to and off the site when needed which speeds up the process considerably.


Another important feature of transporters is that they can carry anything, from mixed concrete to water, and not just solid objects. Having a large onsite concrete mixer is crucial to lay down the foundations and fill in the structure, as well as to ensure everything is done in a timely fashion.


Construction Machinery


Similar to loaders and movers, lifters are the type of machinery that is intended to move materials from one place to another. However, these are often complex maneuvers that need professional and careful handling since safety is imperative during their operation.


This type of machinery includes Raimondi cranes which are one of the finest in the industry and can lift anything, from steel beams to even other machinery. Cranes are the first thing you notice on the construction site since they are tall-as-building structures with a cabin for the operator. They are essential for lifting the materials on the floors that would usually take several dozens of men to lift and carry.


In the end

We covered the basic machinery every construction site needs, although you may need some other as well, depending on the type of your project. The most important thing when you use heavy machinery is the safety of your workers and the surrounding areas near the construction site. Also, make sure that your workers are expertly trained to operate this type of machinery for safety and practical reasons that can affect the construction process.


Bio: David Koller is a passionate blogger and copywriter, mainly interested in business, construction and real estate topics.