What Does A Construction Superintendent Do

What Does a Construction Superintendent Do?

What does a construction superintendent do? A construction superintendent is someone that manages and carefully watches over every part of the construction project. This includes anything from planning to the successful completion of the project. Not every superintendent is the same. Some may be focused and skilled in building projects for the public such as parks and bridges, while some may specialize in building houses or workspaces. Despite these specialties, there are certain things that every superintendent must do when handling any project.


What Does A Construction Superintendent Do
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What does a construction superintendent do for human resources?


A construction superintendent is in charge of interviewing and hiring workers for the construction job. Along with hiring new workers, the superintendent is in charge of telling everyone the rules regarding safety when working in the construction work site. Superintendents are also known to keep track of the hours worked by each worker and to approve these hours. They are in charge of creating work schedules and accepting sick days. When it comes to workers, superintendents have many of the same jobs as people that workin the human resources department. Questions about benefits and pay, requesting days off, and rules of the workplace are what superintendents deal with on a daily basis.


What does a construction superintendent do when supervising construction sites?


A construction superintendent will usually act as a supervisor to the foreman working on the project when working on a large-scale construction project. When it comes to smaller-scale projects, superintendents will most likely pick up the role of a manager or foreman and directly give orders to the workers.


What does a construction superintendent do with workers? Superintendents give new workers the training needed to work on a project. While helping new workers, a superintendent must also inspect the work of each worker. Before workers can say they have completely finished a part of a project, the superintendent must approve it. Without the direct supervision and approval of a superintendent, workers can’t move on to another task.


What does a construction superintendent do before the start of a new project?


Before the start of any construction project, there needs to be a significant amount of planning done. Planning is one of the most important parts of being a construction superintendent and starting a new construction project. Before a project is started, a construction superintendent is typically in charge of analyzing the budgets and estimates for the project. The construction superintendent is in charge of recording all further expenses that may build up during the construction process. If costs start to go over the initial budget, it’s the superintendent’s job to figure out if the company can still finish the project while making a profit.


Superintendents have to keep track and be aware of everything that goes on in the construction job site. This includes writing down material and labor costs, project delays, and job schedules. Some superintendents get software or hire secretaries to help keep track of all the information.


What Does A Construction Superintendent Do
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What does a construction superintendent do while onsite?


Workers have to talk to each other to be successful. Construction superintendents meet with the engineers, architects, subcontractors, lawyers, and other people involved in creating this construction work project. By working closely with each group of workers, the superintendent can make sure everyone is doing their job. Meeting with everyone makes creating a work schedule much easier and lowers the chance of conflicting work schedules.


The order of jobs is very important in the field of construction. If something is done out of order, it can easily delay a project and increase expenses. Meeting with each group of workers ensures that everything is done in the right order. Communication is very important in construction. It allows workers to be in sync and reduces the amount of time wasted.

What does a construction superintendent do that requires experience?


To become a construction superintendent, you have to have a lot of working knowledge in construction. An experienced construction superintendent has to know how to manage workers, deal with construction problems, hand out orders, prioritize, plan, and much more. All of these skills are built by endless hours of work experience in the construction field.


It’s hard applying to construction superintendent positions. Each employer has their own set of skills and experience that they are looking for. Construction experience and education in the field of construction are very important for landing jobs. Without experience and education, many employers will immediately dismiss you. It’s because the position of superintendent is such an important job that the employers demand only the best.



Construction superintendents are the leaders of the construction industry. They direct workers, plan, budget, inspect, approve projects, and communicate with every project team member. An important position like this can only be filled with someone that has a lot of experience and education working in construction.