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Un-Documented Work is Unpaid Work: Document as You Go with Labor Tracking Software

Keeping track of the exact hours worked by each of your team members is no easy feat. In fact, it’s almost impossible without the help of a labor tracking software. Relying on manual timesheets leaves your team at risk of being underpaid due to undocumented work. By integrating mobile devices and labor tracking software into your daily routine, you can manage all aspects of your worker’s hours, ensuring that they get paid what they deserve.

The key to the success of mobile construction software is documenting as you go. Manual timesheets are often filled out after the fact, leaving room for miscalculations. Mobile software timesheets are filled out immediately allowing workers to rest easy knowing they will be paid for the hours they worked. Since everything is documented in a mobile app, workers also have the ability to directly communicate with supervisors if there are any discrepancies. The element of surprise is taken out of the equation, ensuring that field workers know the exact number that will be on their paycheck.

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So, how does labor tracking software work? Let’s take a look.

Through mobile devices, worker’s hours are recorded instantly. To ensure accuracy, GPS confirms worker location during the entirety of hours worked. This information is then stored and transmitted to the office through the use of a wireless signal. If the internet is unavailable, this information is saved until internet access is restored.

Many labor tracking software systems also offer the ability to integrate with your online payroll system, streamlining your entire timesheet and payment process. Think about the hours and hours it takes to collect timesheets, report hours, calculate payment and so on. You are paying these employees for hours spent on the payroll process when you could be spending those resources in other areas. Whether it’s utilizing those employees for other tasks or reducing the need for payroll employees, labor tracking software offers substantial cost benefits. While the software will cost you a bit of money upfront, the savings it will bring to you will far outweigh the initial investment.

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Labor tracking software offers enormous benefits for everyone from field workers to managers to back-office employees. Going mobile improves not only the accuracy and ease of labor documentation but also guarantees fair payment for all employees. While integrating new technology into your business may seem intimidating, there is no better time than now to take the leap. If you face some initial employee push back, it is crucial that you explain the benefits that electronic time-sheets offer them as well.

As I mentioned before, labor tracking software is a good thing for all those involved, and if you take the time to explain that, workers will be more open to change. Any huge shift in a business is difficult so embrace it!

The sooner you take the leap; the sooner you will reap the rewards!

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