Setting up document control

Setting Up Construction Document Control Procedures with Software

Setting Up Construction Document Control Procedures with Software

Establishing clear and precise document control procedures is integral to a successful construction project. Without procedures in place, confusion and chaos are likely to ensue. Thankfully, software makes the document control procedure process a smoother and easier one. To best help you set up control procedures for your project, I will go over some tips and best practices when using software.

So, why choose software?

Whether you’re a small contractor or a large one, every construction company can benefit from implementing document control software. Software improves organization tremendously by reducing paperwork and improving communication, and takes care of the hard work for you. It not only gives you greater visibility of when documents are made, changed, and shared, but also offers you enhanced security through restricted access files. Lastly, it mitigates risk and reduces re-work.  With document control software that is designed for the subcontractor in place, you can relax knowing that your documents are safe, accessible from anywhere and organized.

Now you understand the benefits, but how do you choose the right document control software for your company?

There are many great software solutions on the market today. With technology improving every day, software solutions continue to improve as well. One particular software is eSUB Construction Software. eSUB offers one of the most complete document control solutions, with extensive features.

These features include:

Daily reports
– RFI’s
– Change orders
– Submittals
– Purchase orders
– Pay applications
– Project summary
– Meeting minutes
– Virtual filing cabinet
– Issue tracking
– Equipment rental tracking
– Two-way email integration
– Reports and graphs
– Calendar
– Drawings
– Correspondence

These features capture all workflow digitally, tie files to projects, and automatically enforce name and numbering systems for documents. This prevents documents from being misplaced or lost and keeps everything organized and easy to find. Since the documents are being uploaded an edited digitally, they can’t be deleted. eSUB also allows you to restrict access and editing of certain documents, ensuring the safety of your most important documents.

With eSUB cloud-based software, there are mechanisms in place that standardize setup and control process for you. In addition, you can still customize your document control system to fit your needs. eSUB offers a standardized, yet customizable solution to all of your document management needs.

If you’re ready to streamline your document control procedures, software is the way to go. Rather than wasting time with time-consuming manual processes, you’ll have instant access at your fingertips. Take the next step and integrate document control software into your construction company today.


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