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Tips for Managing Construction Job Site Inventory

Tips for Managing Construction Job Site Inventory


Without organization, a construction project will fall to pieces. This is true in all aspects, but especially when it comes to job site inventory. Construction projects require transferring and keeping track of countless materials and pieces of equipment. With so many different crew members, it’s no wonder inventory gets misplaced or lost. This can lead to construction delays and huge monetary losses. Thankfully, there are new tools and technology that can help make job site inventory a little easier. By implementing new inventory technologies, you can make sure you never lose or overpay for resources ever again!


So, what are the best inventory management solutions on the market?


Mobile Scanners

With advancement in phone technology, scanners can be used via mobile phone. This can serve as a cost-efficient option for companies who don’t want to pay for real scanners. All you need to do is download an inventory application and start scanning. Also, since most if not all employees have a mobile phone, everyone will have easy and portable access. The downside to this option is data limits and lack of support. Since you are scanning via phone, your employees must have phones with a certain amount of data storage. There is also less likely to be a support staff since you are dealing with an online application. If the app does have a support staff, it might take a while to get the help you need.


RFID/Barcode Solutions

Another option for job site inventory is RFID and barcode solutions. This is the more popular approach but is costlier. In this approach, bar codes or RFID labels are put on materials and a corresponding scanner is used to keep track of inventory. If you decide to go with this option, take the time to find a company that specializes in construction company inventory solutions. If you ever need help, the support staff will be able to assist you much better than if you use a general inventory solutions company.


Complete Equipment Tracking Systems

To better address inventory needs, companies have developed a combination of the solutions mentioned above. A comprehensive tracking system includes a combination of barcode labels, scanner hardware, mobile apps and the ability to customize. This gives you the best of both management solutions so that you can manage your inventory quickly, easily, and in real-time!



Each solution offers its advantages, but ultimately you need to make the decision based on your company. While larger companies may need RFID/barcode solutions or complete equipment tracking systems, a smaller subcontracting may be just fine using a free mobile app. Evaluate your company and its needs to determine what option is right for you.



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