Millennials in Construction

Tips: How to attract Construction Millennials

Tips: How to attract Construction Millennials

The construction industry has been in the threat of a worker shortage for years now as many baby boomers are retiring, the Great Recession forced many construction laborers out of the industry, and fewer and fewer millennials are interested in joining the construction industry.

In fact, a 2015 poll from financial service provider The Hartford showed that only 7% of young adult respondents were interested in working in construction, retail or manufacturing. Seven percent! It seems most adults ages 18 to 34 in the United States are interested in the arts and entertainment industries as well as education and technology.

So how does the construction industry battle those numbers and recruit Generation Y to the industry? That’s the big questions, and there is no magic answer to solve it. However, there are some elements construction business owners can market to this next generation in hopes to increase their interest in construction jobs.

According to The Hartford poll, Gen Y employees want flexible work schedules, benefits, and career advancement and leadership opportunities. Forty-six percent said they want a variety of career opportunities. What better industry than construction for a variety of career opportunities, advancement and leadership options?

The construction industry does offer great opportunities for career advancement as workers may start out as laborers but have so many avenues they can take their career including estimating, construction technology, project management, superintendent and more.

Plus, as those in the industry know, there are some many different areas of construction providing a large variety of sub-industries within the construction category.

It is important that the next generation of employees understands that the construction industry is constantly advancing and evolving and may not be their grandparents’ construction industry.

If you’re looking to recruit the next generation to your construction business, try highlighting how your company fits these career demands.

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