The Women in Construction Tech at eSUB

The Women of eSUB

In celebration of Women in Construction week, we want to highlight some of the wonderful women of eSUB who are breaking down barriers working in both Construction and Tech.

For International Women’s Day and Women in Construction week, we feel it’s important for our readers to be able to meet some of the women who work to make eSUB great. And hope that their portraits can inspire others thinking about careers in construction and construction technology.

With the increasing labor shortage in both the construction and technology fields, it is imperative that we set a good example for future generations of women. Instead on discouraging them from entering trades or tech, our hope is to show how successful they can be.

The mission of Women in Construction Week (March 3-9) is to enhance the success of women in construction. National Association of Women in Construction has found that less than 9% of the construction industry is made up of female workers. And in the trades, it’s closer to 3%. The limited number of women in construction isn’t only limited to the United States. In Australia roughly 12% of the construction labor force is women, and they leave the industry roughly 39% faster than men.

This trend isn’t limited to just the construction industry, the tech industry is notorious for having predominately male workforces. At the beginning of computers and computer science, it was believed to be a woman’s profession due due to the need for concise, elegant, and meticulous logic writing, or code. But today women make up roughly 20% of the tech workforce.

With two industries faced with a lack of skilled workers, it’s important that we set an example for future generations of young girls that Technology and Construction aren’t only for men, they are for strong, ambitious women as well!

We are thrilled to introduce some of the very talented women behind eSUB:

Wendy Rogers – CEO and Founder

I studied Journalism at UC Berkley before going into television production. I ran a consulting firm for a number of years handling construction claims specifically for trade contractors. eSUB is really an extension of that consulting firm. We built it out of our 30-year commitment to the trade contractors. eSUB is a tool to increase communication and coordination. My mission is to provide the most comprehensive and easy to use mobile project management solution on the market, tailored specifically for the trades to increase standardization, accountability, and productivity.

Sara Giacobbi – Client Success Manager

What is your background? “I was a mechanical engineer and one of my first jobs was at Autodesk as an Applications Engineer.”

What do you like about working at eSUB? “I like the culture of eSUB and the people of eSUB because they care about each other.”

What is it like to be a woman in construction technology? “There are a lot of women in construction and as a woman working with subcontractors, I feel fully respected.”

women in construction tech

Olivia Rennicks – Sales

What is your background? “I am a recent graduate of May 2018 from SDSU, I studied Business with an emphasis in Marketing.”

What do you like about eSUB? “What I like about eSUB the most is the people I work with and the environment. We are all go-getters and work hard for the results we desire. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I chose eSUB because I saw it as a great opportunity to learn and grow being my first full-time job out of college.”

What does it mean to you to be a woman in construction technology? “Being a woman in construction technology speaks loudly. You don’t find many women in this industry. However, as time evolves everything evolves. I am here to make a change and to create a voice for the women in this industry. Highlights, when I am calling on prospects and when I engage with another female in the construction industry you can hear the excitement in their voice that another woman is working in a field that is typically saturated with men.”


women in construction techOhmy Pugkhem – iOS Developer

What is your background? “My background is in engineering I was an iOS developer for 4 years before I join eSUB.”

What do you like about working at eSUB? “I like the environment at eSUB. I like the startup vibe, and it’s very family oriented.”

What is it like to be a part of the construction technology industry? “The construction industry builds this country and the world, it’s AWESOME. Being a part of the technology of the construction industry is a great thing.”

women in constructionDafne Troyce – Director of Sales and Marketing Operations

What is your background? “I graduated with a degree in Journalism & Media Studies which put me into the online/digital world. That’s when I learned Salesforce and loved the administrative/analytic side of technology, so I decided to pursue that and become an expert in all things Salesforce and sales enablement tools. That experience led to me taking over eSUB’s SDR team and helping them with their day to day operational processes.”

What do you like about eSUB? “I have always felt that who you work for/with is more important than where you work and that holds especially true here at eSUB. The company culture here encourages individuals of all levels to offer up their perspectives and actively leverages the feedback to improve business operations. I love working for a company where your voice is heard and your ideas are always encouraged.”

What is it like to be a woman in construction technology? “Being a woman in construction technology to me is about demonstrating the positive impact that women can have in traditionally male-dominated industries. Additionally, being in a leadership role allows me to empower other women to make their mark on our business and use their unique perspectives to spark innovation and drive meaningful change.”


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