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A New Delta Air Lines Terminal Is Being Built at LAX Airport

The new Delta Air Lines terminal is moving ahead with the construction of its terminal at terminals two and three of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Many have cited this move as a significant effort with the potential to make Delta even bigger than it is now, propelling the airline miles ahead of its competitors. Currently, neither terminal two or three can be depicted as a modern, twenty-first-century facility. This is why Delta’s upgrade, which is going to be modern and cutting-edge, is likely to be good for both the company as well as for the commuters and passengers using the terminals. The new LAX Airport Delta terminal and the wide variety of amenities provided to Delta customers will encourage more passengers to buy Delta Air Lines tickets.

The New Delta Air Lines Terminal

New Delta Air Lines Terminal
A look at how the terminals are currently arranged.

Terminal two is the original international terminal that has existed at LAX for many years. Another terminal, the newly renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal is adjacent to terminal two and continues to provide support to it. Terminal three, first built in 1961, used to be the old Trans World Airlines (TWA) terminal and is in poor condition. This terminal is currently servicing various domestic airlines – including JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Virgin America, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines – that do not have any dedicated space at the airport. For the new LAX Airport Delta terminal, Delta plans to demolish and rebuild terminal three, giving the terminal a brand new look.

Delta: The Airline of Choice

Delta wants to become the airline of choice for Los Angeles and invested about $229 million worth of upgrades into terminal five in June of 2015. Delta has been growing quite quickly as an airline and has been consistently increasing its seat capacity as well as providing better services to its customers. Delta also plans to continue increasing its services and expanding itself at LAX. This is why the company is justified in building the new terminal.

The Delta Terminal

LAX Airport Delta terminal
A possible arrangement of the future terminals.

LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world and serves as one of the largest hubs for flights in the US, particularly with regards to the West Coast. Delta plans to spend $1.9 billion to relocate and expand its operations from terminals five and six to terminals two and three. By doing so, Delta will have access to twenty-two gates instead of the sixteen it currently uses. Moreover, the carrier would also be in much closer proximity to its codeshare partner airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Aeromexico. The terminal is going to include new lounges, a baggage system, as well as more terminal seating. This terminal upgrade shows that LAX has become imperative for airlines, with many of them willing to spend significant amounts of money to retain and attract customers.

Construction Woes and Wins

Even though this new terminal is being built, it will take a long time until it’s completed. As a result, the terminals would remain under construction for several more years, with an expected end date of 2023.

This is bad news for the passengers and other commuters to LAX since they might have to deal with closed terminals and longer lines due to the construction. However, this is also good news for subcontractors, as there will be lots of construction that require subcontractors for various aspects of the project.

In this regard, subcontractors can easily get orders and bids based on the different requirements. This can be for contractors within various sectors including electrical, specialty, mechanical, drywall, and more.

The new LAX Airport Delta terminal is a great opportunity for many different subcontractors in the Southern California area to find their niche and get new contracts to work on this exciting new project.

Both terminal photos from Cranky Flier LLC.

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