The Electrical Project Management Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

The Electrical Project Management Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

An electrical project management checklist can make starting or taking over a project more manageable than starting with a blank canvas. Even if you’ve been doing this for years, having a checklist helps ensure that nothing is forgotten and can improve the overall efficiency of a project.

What is Project Management in Construction

Project management is how a project goes from concept to delivery. The project manager is usually responsible for coordinating labor and materials to complete the project to the scope. The project manager or construction manager has to have the scope to begin construction because the scope is how they determine when they’re finished with the project. A project manager will plan, coordinate, and execute much of the construction project. They use their skills in communication, problem-solving, and knowledge of codes and the building process to complete it.


Depending on the project delivery method, there are different roles that project managers, construction managers, and general contractors will play. Each project delivery method has its benefits and drawbacks, but one of the easiest ways to understand roles on a job site is to understand the different methods.


Design-bid-build is the traditional project delivery method. The owner is the center, with them hiring the architects and engineers to design the project. After which they put out a call for bids on the project and hire the general contractor. The general contractor takes control of the project, often placing a project manager in charge of the specific project. The General Contractor’s project manager will have more control over many aspects of a project than with other labor delivery methods.

Integrated Labor Delivery

The Integrated Labor Delivery project delivery method gives project managers more control. Since subcontractors, designers, architects, owners, and the general contractor rare brought into the design process. The project manager for the electrical firm has more say in what should happen and what works best for them versus being told what should happen. This method gives subcontractors a greater say in the project and can lead to better project management in general.

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The Electrical Project Management Checklist

There are many common steps that project managers will go through regardless of the design method. Following these steps or ensuring you check off these items will help improve the project. These are the electrical project management checklist items for every electrical project manager.

Understand Your Role in This Project

Are you working with the general contractor and key stakeholders to set the schedule and determine project constructibility? Is it a design-bid-build project? Are you taking over for a previous project manager? Your responsibility and role in the project depend on a couple of crucial factors, once you understand those it is easier to start formulating a plan.

Do Your Research

It’s important when taking on a project to research the project. If it is an unfamiliar type of project, or project size, taking the time to do some research and see how and if anything changes can make all the difference. If this is a project you’re taking over from someone else, it is important to understand the project, where they are in it, and how everything is going. Research into the project is crucial to ensure it turns out for the best.

Write Up The Project Plan

If this is a brand new project, it’s important to write up a plan for the project including key information like the timeline and schedule, materials, communication plan and more. If this isn’t a new project, it’s important to check the current plan and see if changes need to be made. This can include writing a new plan that will get the project back on time or closer to the budget.

Check In And Reevaluate

After the plan is set and the project is underway it’s important to check in and ensure that everything is going well. If something in the plan isn’t working then it’s important to make the necessary changes to the plan. Regardless of how good the plan seems, you have to take the time to reevaluate and ensure that everything is working as it should. Waiting too long to reevaluate the plan can be detrimental.


Managing an electrical project within commercial construction can seem like a large feat; however, with the right preparation, you will have few problems. Using an electrical project management checklist can make managing a project easier and prevent missteps or errors. A project management system can simplify the overall process and provide all important documentation especially when taking over a project.