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Simple Time Saving Construction Tech Tips To Save Sub-Contractors Time And Money

Try These Construction Tech Tips To Save Sub-Contractors Time And Money

Over the last ten years technology has made subcontractor’s lives a lot easier since they can now use smart phones, tablet, laptops and other wireless devices to manage their businesses on the go, instead of having to conduct day-to-day business tasks from their offices.

With the increased use of technology also comes time wasters that can easily “eat up” minutes of  subcontractors days and sometimes make their lives harder. In this post we will cover simple tech tips that will save any subcontractor time.

Construction Tech Tips

Surfing the Internet

During the process of surfing the internet, instead if using the scroll bar to scroll down the page, just use your space bar instead. This simple tip can save minutes out of any day and enable you to find search results that might be at the bottom of the page.

Using Online Forms

When using online forms that require you to enter your city or state via a drop down menu, always type in the abbreviation for your city or state rather than scrolling through the menu looking for the right information.

Viewing Online Content

If you’re a computer user who likes to view the content of your pages a little bit bigger, the easy way to increase the font or content of any page is to press the control key on your keyboard then the plus key (+), you can also minimize the content on the page by pressing control then the minus key (-).

Smartphone Tips

Typing Notes – Using the notepad feature on iPhone or another smartphone is an awesome way to take notes when you’re on the go. But this can take time.

To cut down on the time when you’re typing quick notes on your smartphone just press the space bar on your virtual keypad to go to the next sentence, this will help you with getting your note typed out quickly.

Redial – Instead of dialing the same number of the last person you call just press the call button again on your smartphone.

Voice mail messages – To avoid having to listen to the annoying instructions for leaving a voice mail, after you already heard a voice mail prompt, just press the pound key on your phone or the star key, this simple tip will enable you to leave a voice mail quickly without having to spend up to one minute listening to a recording before leaving a message.

Using Google

One of the best parts about this day and age is Google. With this search engine you can do so much more than you thought possible including using it as an online dictionary to look up the meaning of words. To do this just type the word “define” after your search keyword and Google will automatically define the meaning of the word for you plus give you the correctly spelling of the word as well.

You can also use Google for looking up flight information, weights/measures, currency conversions, finding free business documents, pictures and so much more.

Digital Cameras

If you find yourself using a digital camera on a job site, and want to insure that you get the best picture, press the shutter button halfway to pre-focus the picture. This tip will always ensure that you get the best photo possible and a clear shot every time.


During the course of your daily business activities you might find yourself doing a PowerPoint presentation for your business.

To ensure that attendees keep their focus on you just press the B key on your keyboard to blackout the presentation. This will automatically shift the focus of attendees from the screen back to you so that they hear your every that they hear your every word.

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