Saving Your Construction Business Time & Money

Analyzing daily work scenarios and costs can justify investing in proven technology.


Imagine the following scenario:

You just made the all sought after leap to owning your construction firm. You employ top talent, and you are on your way to being one of the best in the business. Your field supervisor is making around $35/hr working jobs, but 2 of those hours per day are spent driving back to the office to file paperwork. On top of that, everyone makes mistakes, so let’s assume once a month your field supervisor leaves some paperwork behind and has to run back to the site. This oversight causes an additional 3 hours of work per month. I’m not here to make you do the math, so I’ll do it for you.


(2 hr/day) x (5 day/wk) = (10 hr/wk) x (4 wk/month) = (40 hr/month) + (3 hr/month) = 43 hours per month.


So for each month, expert field supervisors might find themselves wasting up to 43 hours. On a 6-month project, the hidden costs become not so hidden. Assuming you are paying him/her about $35/hr, you might find yourself spending $1,500 for each field supervisor driving from the field to the office.


Easy-to-Use Solution

If you integrate your field and office using a mobile and cloud Project Management platform, all this time and money can be saved. Instead of heading all the way back to the office to file daily reports, everything can be done with one easy step on your iPad. On the project site.640x400eSUBscreen

Imagine if all of your field supervisors did their daily reports from the field, how much time would be saved?

The improved productivity and increased profitability alone would be worth the cost. The field supervisor doesn’t forget labor hours, the process is extremely more accurate, and he/she is always home in time for dinner. And as anyone with a family knows, if the family is happy at home, your supervisor will be more focused at work, and not distracted by household issues.


eSUB’s mobile and cloud-based software seamlessly link the field and office. eSUB standardizes project management procedures and document control so staff can quickly access current files, enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Request a free demo today of eSUB’s award winning software.