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Episode 31: Rich Digilio Electrical Contracting Solutions

As companies emerge from the pandemic, culture is key to resilience. What part does construction technology play? Join Power to the Trades host Greg Fry and our guest Rich Digilio as they discuss his experiences during, before, and after the pandemic, and how it all comes down to the people, and their ability to collaborate. Greg and Rich look at how flexible software aids in that collaboration while helping subcontractors better manage time and mutually strive for success.

An electrician with more than 20 years of experience, Rich is currently focused on smaller commercial jobs, like small offices and restaurants. As owner and operator of Electrical Contracting Solutions, Rich is focused on helping himself and other electricians find a healthy work-life balance — even as schedules shrink — looking for ways to do great work in less time. He’s a huge advocate for better education in the industry to ensure the future growth of qualified skilled tradespeople.

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