Episode 14: Jeff Sample of Join

Power To The Trades Jeff Sample of Join

eSUB Podcast Episode #13 Recap

Episode #14 features Jeff who is the Director of Communications for Join, which is a online pre-construction platform for contractors to use to develop better budgets for projects.

Jeff, aka The Iron Man of IT, has been working in the software industry for many years. He is a member of the ConTechCrew and Construction Dorks podcast.  Jeff learned first hand working in the industry just how complex and complicated construction projects can be. By trade he worked in an Information Technology role that quickly evolved into a Construction Technology role.

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The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades

We discussed his thoughts about the many meanings of the word power in regards to the construction industry and specifically to Trade Contractors. Jeff reflected on his time with eSUB and what the hashtag #powertothetrades really meant to him.

Jeff “For me it’s about empowerment. I think as the industry is going through its evolution, there were a lot of adversarial environments of components to what we do. But, when you really dug through it everybody was just trying to do their best to deliver. Because everyone in that chain is a customer at some point.”

He discusses how all the Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors are in some way customers of each other.

Jeff “It’s about empowering you to succeed and change the experience and reach your potential.” We cannot control everything in life nor on a project site. However, you can decide to change and decide to use more technology such as BIM or get into prefabrication.

How has technology has powered the operations of Contractors you have worked with? 

We discussed the impact of technology on construction project sites, in regards to how Trade Contractors in some instances have been forced to use new technology per a contract with a Owner or General Contractor. Jeff pointed out that some Contractors have played the victim card in adopting and leveraging new technology. He pointed out that Contractors can make the choice to embrace technology and use it to become more efficient to get things done better.

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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