How Your Old Technology & Manual Processes Are Stifling Project Profits

How Your Old Technology & Manual Processes Are Stifling Project Profits

Filing paper forms and communicating through email is officially a thing of the past. With technology constantly growing and evolving, it’s time to say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to cloud-based construction software. Construction businesses can no longer afford to continue using inefficient and old processes unless they are prepared to be hit with continuous profit loss. And no project manager wants that.

Below are a few areas that are being impacted significantly and incurring the most profit losses.

Project Delays

Staying on schedule is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with outdated technology. Email communication is extremely inefficient and guarantees miscommunication and time delays between responses. In addition, paper filing often leads to misplaced or lost forms, causing managers to have to backtrack just to find the papers and information they need. This results in even more lost time. Paper files are not only time consuming, but physically costly as well. The cost of one standard filing cabinet is $70 a year and the price only goes up from there. Fortunately, cloud-based construction software can change this instantly. The days of searching for important documents in file cabinets is officially gone! Switching over will not only allow you to keep all your information in one secure and easily accessible place, but it will also allow you to communicate with all members of your team in real time. The instant communication offered by cloud-based software allows you to resolve issues quickly, ensuring that your team is more efficient. You will be able to better anticipate delays and monitor deadlines so that you and your team are saving time instead of losing it.

Loss of Communication

As mentioned above, outdated technology hinders communication immensely. Construction projects involve a vast number of people who need to be in contact with each other at all times and when it comes to email, it just doesn’t cut it. Sending out hundreds of revised documents over email often gets confusing, leading to miscommunication and chaos within your project. Cloud-based software can solve all your communication problems by providing a streamlined system for communication. This means you will no longer have to waste money trying to keep up with thousands of different revised emails and documents. Who knew the solution for bad communication was such an easy fix!

Incorrect Payments

Handling hundreds of different paychecks can get a bit confusing, sometimes resulting in overpayments or no payment at all. Creating accurate invoices and payrolls can be a pain, but implementing a cloud-based software does the work for you! Software includes tools that allow workers to sign in and out when they are in the field and it tracks them using GPS in real-time. Now you can feel rest assured that you aren’t overpaying any of your workers.

Now you can see the solution is quite clear. Cloud-based construction software not only saves you time and money but also takes away much of the stress you face on the job site! Ditch the outdated manual processes and switch to cloud-based software today. You won’t regret it.

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