Mobility in Construction

It’s hard to remember, but it wasn’t all that long ago that smart phones, tablets, and mobile laptops were not in existence. Technology has advanced so quick that mobility has become a main factor in a construction companies ability to succeed in the highly competitive construction market.
A company’s efficiency hinges on their ability to get work done from the field, including filing reports and updating stakeholders on the build’s progress. Imagine how much time would be wasted if we still went back to the office to complete these tasks. But for some reason, many have not embraced this new age of mobility. The best construction companies in the world are known for getting a job done as quickly as possible, and with no errors. Mobility helps these companies stay on top. Mobile tech helps a company in two main areas, the jobsite and the office.

Mobile Tech & The Jobsite

Mobility on the jobsite can help you instantly evaluate each day’s progress to help you plan your workflow. Using this element of instantaneous communication, your company can reduce or eliminate delays, and help keep your clients informed and happy! Additionally, mobile tech can help with recordkeeping. With a smartphone or tablet, you can have your field foreman clock workers in and out, with this information transmitted directly to your office. This becomes a great way to record and track manual hours spent on the site. Mobility also helps for cutting down equipment costs by logging hours in real time. In the unfortunate reality of equipment breakdown, mobile tech lets your teams submit instant repair requests to get your equipment back up and running quickly.

The Mobile Office

A lot of the time, the most mentioned feature of mobile tech is your ability to no longer be pinned inside of your office. Additionally, you don’t have to waste your time running between jobsites. With cloud-based software, you can check in on progress, schedule, and costs from wherever you may be.
Approving change order becomes a much more efficient process. You can approve changes in workflow and other requests from foreman immediately. No more delays while your team waits for the thumbs up. Time sheets and other documents can get to the accounting department instantly in order to streamline all processes. With real time reporting, you can keep a close eye on your projects finances and make necessary changes at any time.

Where Mobile Tech is Going

More and more developers are starting to recognize the need for cloud-based solutions in the construction industry. Devices and their accompanying apps will continue to streamline workflow. This tech will allow developers to concentrate on getting a job done, rather than spending endless hours sifting through the paperwork.