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eSUB Continues Labor Productivity and Mobile Time Keeping Enhancements with eSUB Time Kiosk

Delivering #constructiondisruption with the most flexible time keeping solution to serve specialty trade contractors on the jobsite or the fabrication shop.

eSUB Construction Software, the leading provider of labor productivity and operations improvement solutions for subcontractors, proudly announces the release of a kiosk mode for eSUB Time. With eSUB Time Kiosk, contractors can eliminate the bulky punch clock and paper timecards to capture employees’ time from a centralized tablet device. eSUB delivers  the most flexible mobile timekeeping solution tied directly to projects and pushed to accounting programs:

  • — Foreman crew time entry
  • — Individual punch in / out with GPS location stamping
  • — Kiosk mode for secure time entry from a single tablet

“eSUB Time was born out of the need to automate one of the most manual processes plaguing construction—timecards,” says Wendy Rogers, president and CEO of eSUB Construction Software. “eSUB Time has helped many customers become 83% more efficient in their timecard and payroll process; however, many contractors are still not ready to take the leap and make the investment in supplying mobile devices to all their field workers. Through a centralized tablet, eSUB Time Kiosk provides a simple timekeeping workflow that makes technology adoption within reach for many contractors while delivering tremendous operational improvements. We help them take those small steps with an integrated set of solutions including daily reports, RFIs, change orders, emails, job costing and more to serve as a subcontractor’s long-term technology and operational improvement partner.”

Automating Time Keeping Has Never Been Easier

Earlier this year the eSUB team released eSUB Time, a mobile time keeping solution that enabled individual employees to enter their time directly from their own smartphone. However, for contractors that do not supply all their employees with their own smartphone, eSUB Time Kiosk enables those contractors to automate their timekeeping processes as well. From one centralized mobile device, field employees utilize a secure 4-digit pin to enter their time, view and sign timesheets, and communicate with the back office to resolve time card discrepancies. eSUB Time Kiosk is an ideal solution for capturing time for employees in a fabrication shop or construction site.

“Our Accounting team can now process 30-40 timecards in minutes. Before eSUB, timecard processing would take half a day,” says Anthony Moore, Operations Director at Fuller Electric.

About eSUB Construction Software

Founded and headquartered in San Diego, CA, eSUB is the leader of cloud and mobile project management software designed specifically for subcontractors in the construction industry. Built on 30-plus years of expertise, eSUB’s easy to use, software-as-a-service helps self-performing contractors increase standardization, accountability, and productivity.

Today, thousands of users trust eSUB’s platform to manage project communication and collaboration on construction projects worldwide. For more information or to schedule a free demo, visit or call 1.800.493.3782.

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Tyler Riddell
Vice President of Marketing