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How Construction Project Management Software Helps Trade Contractors Improve Project Outcomes

The key to building a successful trade contracting business is delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget. This can be extremely difficult to do when uncertainties and inefficiencies creep into your processes, which is what happens when you rely on manual workflows. 

The only way to avoid that risk is to adopt digital tools designed to create workflow efficiencies in the construction process. eSUB, a construction project management software, is one such tool designed specifically to help trade contractors improve project outcomes. Here’s how. 

Construction Project Management Software Streamlines Processes to Increase Productivity

“One of the key issues plaguing the construction industry is its inefficiency,” writes the team at program management consulting firm for capital improvement bonds, Front Line Advisory Group

Consider this. Many construction jobs have tight deadlines and budgets, at best. More typically, though, they’re unrealistic. In order to have any hope of meeting project specifications, workers must be able to maximize their time on tasks that move jobs forward. 

That doesn’t happen when they spend hours on project documentation and other administrative work. If your company is still using binders and spreadsheets for construction project management, trade contractors have to stop what they are doing on the job to manually submit documents. These process inefficiencies inevitably lead to wasted time and higher costs. 

Going digital is the solution to this problem. Construction project management software automates documentation and project management workflows so everyone spends less time on those tasks and more on project-specific work. And, through its mobile capabilities, workers can quickly submit and access project documents from anywhere, at any time, which also helps keep everyone on the same page and the project moving forward.

In the end, they are more productive which improves project outcomes. 

Technology Facilitates Better Communication to Boost Collaboration and Improve Project Outcomes

Communication inefficiencies also negatively impact project outcomes. 

“Frequent and effective communication is vital to the success of any capital project,” explains the H+M Industrial team. “Insufficient communication and a lack of alignment between the contractor, the contractor’s team, and stakeholders can cause a myriad of problems throughout a capital project’s life cycle.”

This, again, is a bigger risk if the project team has to rely on traditional modes of communication like phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings. Such processes for collaboration are “time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors,” notes United Seattle, a multi-trades commercial subcontractor. 

That’s why trade contractors need construction project management software. The tool enables project stakeholders to collaborate in real time by reducing the need for manual methods of communication. It facilitates real-time sharing of project data and centralizes that project data so everyone has access to accurate information.

These capabilities enhance project outcomes by allowing team members to collaborate better and make faster decisions so projects don’t fall behind schedule and budget.

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The Software Unlocks Financial Insights to Improve Cost Control 

Managing project budgets is another critical element in project success. It’s a task that can also be crippled by manual process inefficiencies. 

When you have to track expenses by hand in binders or spreadsheets and compare them to budgets on different pieces of paper or spreadsheets, it becomes almost impossible to keep track of project costs in real time. As a result, project outcomes suffer. 

“Job costing information should be as close to real-time as possible,” writes Brent Impecoven, a partner at business advisory, accounting and technology firm, Eide Bailly. “If it takes weeks or months to compile job cost information in a usable format, the ability to react quickly to changing conditions is greatly diminished.”

The job costing capabilities of construction project management software help trade contractors manage their project budgets more effectively by centralizing cost data so you can access accurate, real-time job cost information at any time. This enables you to monitor and analyze costs so you can make quick decisions that help you avoid cost overruns and deliver successful projects.

Improved project outcomes has been the biggest benefit for Ground Breakers Construction since the company adopted eSUB to solve its operational inefficiencies. “Our workflows and document processes have been standardized,” recalls the company’s COO Marty Siebe. “Our communications are uniform from the field to the office. The productivity of our workers and management teams are significantly improving, and eSUB is helping Ground Breakers break new ground and change lives,” says Siebe.

If your company is struggling to overcome inefficiencies and maximize productivity, schedule a demo of eSUB Cloud today to learn more about how this software can help you enhance construction project outcomes. 

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